We would like a new summerhouse built- what are some of the different options that you can offer?


Many homeowners within Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, as well as in Cardiff are hiring us to build high-quality wooden summerhouses and also garden rooms.

Summerhouses are now becoming more popular than ever, that’s as more people look create extra space within their property.

A summerhouse can therefore help you to make the most out of your garden.

This is ideal if you are looking to have a garden room built so that you can create a home office.

Another common reason why many Cardiff residents and also homeowners within Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan ask us to build a summerhouse is so that they can have a area where guests can stay.

That’s to say, if you have a large garden, then we can build a large garden room.

Some summerhouses therefore have large rooms inside separated by plasterboard walls, this means that you can have separate bedrooms and a separate bathroom fitted for example.

Therefore when you hire us to build your garden room we can offer you many different options.

High-quality summerhouses and garden rooms


Some companies focus on offering the lowest price summerhouses possible, however we are different, that’s because we focus on building quality and luxurious summerhouses throughout Cardiff and the South-West of England.

Therefore we employ highly experienced carpenters that construct each one of our summerhouses throughout Cardiff and Penarth.

We are now going to talk about some of the options that we can offer you, when you choose us to build your wooden summerhouse.


Flat or pitched roof?

Some homeowners want their summerhouse to have the traditional shape of a house, that’s the say they want a sloped roof. However with that said some homeowners want a more modernlooking summerhouse, that’s to say some opt for aluminium bi-folding doors and have a flat sloping roof.

If you wish to have a flat sloping roof built on your garden room, then we can offer to build a high-quality rubber roof.

Why not have your summerhouse clad with red cedar wood or another hardwood?

We build luxurious garden rooms, therefore we can offer to clad the outside you summerhouse using a quality hardwood such as red cedar wood.

Many homeowners within Penarth and also within the city of Cardiff opt to have their summerhouse clad red cedar wood, as red cedar wood is a hard wearing which looks great once clad to the side of a summerhouse.


High-Quality Garden Rooms

If you are looking to have a high-quality, summerhouse built, for example you may want a high-quality garden room built so that you can have a home office, then why not call Kingsley Garden Rooms?


Why not have your summerhouse built so that it can be used as a guest room?

More and more homeowners are looking to create a guest room within their summerhouse, we can therefore build a large garden room that has separate rooms.

For example, some homeowners will opt for a summerhouse which has separate bedrooms, and also a separate bathroom area built into the summerhouse.

Therefore once we have built your new wooden summerhouse, we can build separate plasterboard walls so that there are separate rooms within your summerhouse.

We build high-quality Summerhouses within Cardiff

We will only use high-quality building materials when we construct you garden room, for example we only use high-quality bi-folding doors, high quality rubber roofs and high-quality wood to construct all of our summerhouses.

Expert carpenters

We employ highly experienced carpenters, our highly experienced carpenters can therefore listen to how you would like your new summerhouse to be built and then we can build your new garden room in a short amount of time.

Our carpenters will use high-quality wood to construct your garden room


Why not opt for aluminium bi-folding doors?

We only use top quality, aluminium bi-folding doors.

Where some companies will look to install cheap doors, we will only use high-quality aluminium bi-folding doors.

Therefore when the summer weather does come, and the weather is warm, you can fold back your bi-folding aluminium doors to enjoy the summer weather while within your garden room.


Why not have separate internal rooms?

We can install plasterboard internal walls, so that you can have separate rooms within your summerhouse.

Patio doors

Instead of large aluminium bi-folding doors, you may wish to opt for patio doors instead?

We can install patio doors within your summerhouse.

Why not opt for a high-quality rubber roof?

When a summerhouse company is looking to build a summerhouse as cheaply as possible, they may quote you to have a felt roof.

However, we would not recommend a felt roof, we would recommend instead to opt for a high-quality rubber roof, we have a team that can install a rubber roof onto your summerhouse.


Why not have quality wooden decking surrounding your garden room?

If you would like your garden room to be surrounded by a quality wood or composite decking, then we can build decking around your summerhouse.

Summerhouses and garden rooms Cardiff

We quite simply build high-quality Cardiff summerhouses, for a no obligation quote why not give us a ring?


We have built many summerhouses

We have built many timber summerhouses and garden rooms right throughout Penarth, which is in the Vale of Glamorgan, and also within Cardiff.

Why not arrange a consultation with us today?

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