Why not use your garden room as a home gym?


More and more of our customers, are asking us to build a garden room, so that they can have their own gym within their garden.

That’s to say many people after they have finished work, do not want to enter gym that is busy, and possibly having to wait to use certain equipment.

This is why many of our customers are asking us to build a wooden summerhouse, so that it can be used as a home gym.

We have built many summerhouses right throughout Cardiff, and our carpenters can build your wooden summerhouse in a short period of time.

We can therefore build the following:

·        Luxury summerhouses

·        Garden rooms

·        Decking

Can make a great place to work out

When you think about it, having to drive all the way to the gym, and then share gym equipment with other gym members, this can sometimes be an inconvenience to some people. Especially if the gym equipment that you want to use is taken, and you have to wait.

However, if you invest in your own timber summerhouse, and fill it with gym equipment, then you will can have your own gym overlooking your garden.

During the summer months, you can then open the aluminium bi-folding doors out onto your garden, and you can enjoy the summer weather while working out.

We have built many summerhouses right throughout Cardiff, as well as places where people can also do yoga.

We build summerhouses in:

·        Cardiff

·        Penarth

·        Vale of Glamorgan

We can build large garden rooms

We can build a wooden summerhouse to any size you specify, for example a lot of homeowners opt for very large summerhouses to be built in an L shape.

Some of the summerhouses can be so large, we can build then internal plasterboard walls within the summerhouse. This means you can have a wooden summerhouse that has multiple different rooms.

Therefore you could have a summerhouse built that can be used as a home gym, then you have a separate room for a shower area for example.

Our carpenters can therefore listen to how large you would like your wooden summerhouse to be, and then build a garden room to those exact dimensions.

We can build garden rooms that also have large aluminium bi-folding doors.

Many homeowners opt to have their timber summerhouse built to include a set of aluminium bi- folding doors, that’s to say we can fit aluminium by folding doors to fit the length of your summerhouse.

This is great for whether you wish to use your garden room as a home office or as a gym because during the hot summer weather, you can open up your summerhouse onto your garden, and enjoy the weather.

Many homeowners therefore opt to have bi-folding doors fitted

A lot of homeowners in Cardiff are investing in garden rooms to be uses a home gym

more and more homeowners are therefore opting to have a garden room built that can be used for multiple uses, for example a section of the building might be used as a Home Office.

However within a another room within the summerhouse, might be room to fit gym equipment so that the summerhouse has multiple uses.

A lot of our homeowners tell us that they are planning to use the building during the winter and also the summer, can help you to make better use out of your garden.

Where a lot of homeowner’s comment that they never use their garden much during the autumn and winter months, often if you have gym equipment fitted inside your garden room then you might be able to make better use out of your garden.

We can build your summerhouse quickly

We can build your summerhouse quickly, we employ a large team of carpenters.

Our carpenters can build a timber building very quickly, we also use the best quality wood, you can also specify which type of wood that you want your summerhouse to be clad with.

For example, a lot of homeowners opt to have the outside of the building clad with high-quality hardwood such as red cedar wood.

Therefore, when you pick us to build your timber building, we can offer you many different options to choose from, such as

·        French doors

·        Bi-folding doors

·        Rubber room

·        Decking outside


We employ many carpenters

We employ many carpenters; this allows us to build our summerhouses quickly. Also a lot of homeowners opt to have their garden room surrounded by high-quality wooden decking.

We can also therefore build wooden decking all the way around your new garden room if you specify.

if you would like a summerhouse built then why not give us a call?