How long does it take you to build a timber summerhouse?

Often a customer will want their summerhouse to be built as quick as possible, this is often because here in Great Britain our summers are relatively short. That’s to say in a relatively short period of time, our warm summer weather does come to an end.

Therefore, a homeowner does not want to appoint a company to build a garden room that’s going to spend many months building the wooden building.

Therefore, this is why many homeowners within Cardiff hire us instead, that’s because we have a large team of carpenters and a large team of labourers, this allow us to build our timber summerhouses quickly.

Although we build our garden rooms quickly, we never compromise on the quality of our work.

That’s the say, here at Kingsley Garden Rooms we are renowned for building high-quality wooden summerhouses right throughout the city of Cardiff.

Within this article we are going to explain some of the factors which can have a bearing on how long it will take us to build your new garden room for you.


It does depend on the size of the wooden summerhouse that’s being built

It does depend on the size of the summerhouse, for example some of our customers opt for a small wooden summerhouse that can be built relatively quickly.

That’s because sometimes only a small concrete foundation is needed, and then a summerhouse can be built quickly.

However, for some other customers, they may opt for a summerhouse which is very large, that’s to say some of the garden rooms that we build have separate bedrooms, plus also have a toilet and shower fitted sometimes.

Therefore it does totally depend on the size of summerhouse that is being built.


Wooden doors or aluminium bi-folding doors?

If normal wooden windows, and wooden doors are being fitted to your new garden room, then this is normally a relatively quick process to build wooden windows and doors, because often our carpenters will build the windows and doors themselves.

However, with that said a lot of homeowners here within Cardiff want a summerhouse that has bi- folding high-quality aluminium doors fitted to the front of the summerhouse.

Therefore, if you want bi-folding doors fitted to your timber building, then this can sometimes mean that more time is required, because we need to use an external supplier in order to build the bi-folding doors for you.


Internal rooms?

Some summerhouses can be built quickly because there is only one room that needs to be built, however with large summerhouses, for example a summerhouse which is L-shaped and has two separate rooms, this can take longer to build, that’s because there needs to be time taken to build the stud petition walls, and fit the plasterboard and to make new door frames and doors for example.


Shower and bathroom area?

Some garden rooms are used as a place where guests can stay, therefore often the homeowner will want a shower and also a toilet fitted in the summerhouse, this can sometimes take longer to build the summerhouse.


Wooden decking?

Sometimes a garden room is built to make better use out of the view that the property owners have.

For example, some homeowners elevate their summerhouse into a position where they can see the sea, or might look over countryside for example.

Then to further maximise the view, some of our customers have asked us to build wooden decking right around the summerhouse as well, therefore if decking is needed, this can sometimes add to how long it takes to build a summerhouse.


L-shaped summerhouses

Some homeowners want to opt for a very large summerhouse, that is built in an L-shaped, L-shaped summerhouses can take longer to build.


Hardwood cladding?

A very popular option is to have the outside of a summerhouse clad with a high-quality hardwood, this is a very popular option, a lot of our customers opt for red cedar wood.

The red cedar wood is then used to clad of the whole outside of the summerhouse, red cedar wood, is a high-quality wood that will enhance your garden room.


Rubber roof’s

There are companies within Cardiff that build very cheap summerhouses, however these often do not last very long, that’s often because the wood is not suitable for use outside, and often the summerhouses will be made using a felt roof.

Instead we do not use felt roofs, we only mostly install high quality rubber roofs.


Does the ground need levelling?

If the ground needs levelling because it is uneven, often a mini excavator or a large excavator is needed, also the earth needs to be taken away in a tipper lorry.

This means that it will take longer to build the summerhouse, because the ground firstly needs to be levelled before the base is installed.


Concrete base?

If a large concrete slab needs to be installed then this means that it will take longer to build the garden room, that’s because it will take some time to build the concrete slab, and to allow the   concrete to set.

How our company can help:

Our business is based in the city of Cardiff, we can offer you the following services:

·        High-quality timber buildings

·        High-quality summerhouses

·        High-quality garden rooms

We have built many timber summerhouses right throughout the city of Cardiff, South Wales.

If you would like to arrange to have a quote to have a wooden garden room built within your garden, then why not give us a call today?