Your summerhouse can be used for many different uses

Luxury summerhouses

Our customers, here in Cardiff use their garden rooms and wooden summerhouses for a wide range of different reasons. One of the most common uses of their garden rooms is to use the space a home office.

Whether you refer to such a building as a log cabin, wooden summerhouse, garden room or garden office, this wooden buildings can be very useful. This wooden buildings are often used as home offices, home gyms, space to relax and read a book or even as a place where guests can stay.

Within this blog post, we are therefore going to look at some of the common reasons why our customers invest in a brand-new garden room that’s been built by Kingsley.


Wooden summerhouses that can be used as a home office

By far one of the most popular reasons why our customers invest in a garden room is to use the space as a home office. We think that a Cardiff summerhouses, built by Kingsley can make a great office.

For example, our carpenters and our joiners here in Cardiff can build a wooden summerhouse, it can have a high-quality rubber roof, large bi-folding doors, and you can work while overlooking your garden.

So when it’s a Monday morning, and you have all of those e-mails to reply to, what’s better than getting your laptop, a cup of coffee and walking to your garden office to start work.

That’s to say, no more long drive to work, a lot of homeowners are now investing in a Kingsley Garden Room, and walking to their summerhouse to work.

Plus, if you find working in your home noisy, perhaps that’s because you work late, and you simply want a quieter space to work, well why not invest in a wooden summerhouse


Cardiff Garden Rooms and wooden summerhouses

That’s to say with more and more people now working from home, a lot of people are investing in a high-quality timber garden room that they can use as a place of work from during the day.

Here’s why so many homeowners in Penarth, Cowbridge and Cardiff ask us to build a summerhouse:

·        High-quality timber

·        High-quality roof

·        We employ carpenters

·        We employ project managers

·        We build Cardiff summerhouses

·        We build Penarth summerhouses

·        We build high-quality timber buildings

We only build high-quality timber summerhouses, therefore when we build a garden room, we would use high quality timber, and we will also make sure that all of the building materials to be used, such as bi-folding doors are also high-quality.


Do you want to own a home gym?

Another popular reason why our customers invest in a garden room / summerhouse is to use the space as a home gym.

Often our customers say that their gyms are just simply too busy at peak times, they therefore wish to invest in a gym that they can use anytime they like.


A space to do yoga

Another reason why homeowners invest in a garden room or a log cabin is to have a place to do yoga, that’s because the bi-folding doors can be folded out, and the homeowner can look out onto the garden as they can do yoga anytime they like within their garden room.


A place to relax

Another popular reason many homeowners invest in a garden room is simply to have an additional space within their garden so that they can relax.

For example, a lot of our customers simply say that they need a space where they can read a book and unwind after work.

We can therefore build a high-quality garden room, that you will want to spend time in and relax.

Therefore, a lot of our customers build bookcases, and some even install large T. V’s so that they can watch films within their garden room.

Therefore, a garden room can be used for many different uses, this is why many homeowners right throughout Cardiff and also the Vale of Glamorgan invest in garden room.

However, a lot of homeowners will know summerhouses can vary massively in terms of the quality of how they are built.

For example, some companies may to offer a very low quote, but the construction of the summerhouse might be substandard.

This might be because the quality of the wood is not good, and that they have installed a low quality roof?

For example, a lot of cheaper summerhouses sometimes have a tar felt roof, sometimes it’s that tar felt roof that has been installed quickly which then means it might not last that long.

This is why we always think that it’s worth paying more for a high-quality garden room.

Also, a lot of homeowners invest in cheap summerhouses, yet sometimes the wood that is used rots quickly because the wood is not designed for use outdoors.

Therefore, this is why we always recommend investing in a quality garden room, and that’s exactly what our company can offer.


Guest bedroom

Some customers have large wooden summerhouses built, some even have separate bedrooms, this would make them perfect for when guests stay over and you need extra space in order to accommodate your guests.

Would you like a quote for having a garden room built?

If you own a property within the Vale of Glamorgan, or a house within Cardiff, and you would like a high-quality timber garden room built, then why not give our business a call?

We build high-quality summerhouses, and garden rooms, right throughout South Wales.

Looking to purchase a garden room / summerhouse in Cardiff?

A very common reason why we build many of our summerhouses, log cabins and garden rooms in Cardiff, South Wales is because they wish to use the room as a home office.

For example, the customer might be a small business owner, or simply their employer has now stated that the employee can work from home. This is when many homeowners here in Cardiff purchase a high-quality summerhouse or garden room from us.

Many homeowners purchase a new summerhouse from us for the following reasons:

·        We employ highly skilled carpenters

·        We only use quality wood when constructing our timber garden rooms and summerhouses in Cardiff

·        We offer free quotes

·        We can offer you the choice of French doors, bi-folding doors, rubber roofs, fibreglass roofs, different wood cladding options for your summerhouse, such as red cedar wood, or perhaps you may wish to opt for oak wooden cladding for your summerhouse?

·        We build log-cabins

·        We build summerhouses

·        We build garden rooms

·        We build garden offices

·        We design and build high-quality Cardiff summerhouses and log-cabins

Sometimes a homeowner in Cardiff will not have the space within their property to dedicate a room to be used as a home office.

Perhaps the home is simply too noisy to work from, for example you may work late into evenings, that’s when the rest of the family are at home, so you now need a summerhouse where you can work in a quiet space?

This is why many homeowners in Cardiff, and also homeowners in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan ask us to build a high-quality wooden summerhouse.


We can build the following types of summerhouses:

·        Log cabins

·        Garden Rooms

·        Garden Offices

·        Wooden buildings


Looking to purchase a summerhouse?

This is when a lot of homeowner’s call us, that’s because we can build a room within your garden and you can use that room as a home office. Alternatively, you may wish to use the wooden garden room as a place to relax, and to look out onto your garden?

The garden office / summerhouses that we build will always be high-quality, that’s to say we can use high-quality timber windows, and doors when we construct our timber summerhouses.

Our business build’s wooden summerhouses right throughout the Vale of Glamorgan, as well as in Cardiff.

Why not make the most of the summer weather and purchase a summerhouse / garden room / log-cabin made by Kingsley?

During the summer weather, you can work within your new wooden summerhouse, and many of our customers have opted for aluminium bi-folding doors to be installed within their garden room as well.

This means that when the weather does get warm, you can simply fold back the bi-folding doors and enjoy the hot weather.

You may also wish to opt for large wooden French Doors, this way during the summer you can open your wooden French Doors, and make the most out of your new summerhouse during the summer.

A lot of customers also like the fact that while they are working, you will be overlooking their garden. So, whether your relaxing reading a book, or working in your Cardiff summerhouse, why not call Kingsley to build your new summerhouse.


We can offer you many different options, for example you may wish to opt for?

-Bi-folding doors

– French doors

-Hardwood cladding

-Rubber roof

-Fibreglass roof

-Wooden decking to surround the summerhouse

-We build Cardiff summerhouses / log-cabins


Do you need extra space to use as a home office, why not invest in a garden room?

We have therefore built many wooden summerhouses, that customers have used as a home office, we can therefore build a very large timber building within your garden or just a small timber building that you can use as a home office.

Make more use out of your garden

Often customers say to us that they never used to use the end of their garden, sometimes it is used as an area for composting, or simply an old greenhouse might be located at the bottom of your garden.

Therefore, customers ask us to transform the end of their garden into a much more useable space and to build a high-quality wooden summerhouse that can be used as a home office.

For example, what was once space that was not used at the end of the garden, can be turned into an area where you can have a home office.


High-quality summerhouses

We build high-quality summerhouses, that’s to say we never compromise on quality, plus we always   purchase high-quality wood.

For example, a lot of our customers opt for oak wood cladding, or red cedar cladding.


Bi-folding doors

Many of our customers opt for bi-folding doors, bi-folding doors can enhance the appearance of your summerhouse. We can install a high-quality set of aluminium bi-folding doors, this way when the weather is hotter, you can open the bi-folding doors, and enjoy the summer weather.

Often homeowners opt for bi-folding doors if they garden room is looking out onto say countryside or the sea.

That’s because bi-folding doors can run from the floor to the ceiling, and therefore allow you good visibility of the view outside of your property. Plus, once folded fully back, your bi-folding doors can let the fresh air flood your summerhouse.

We can also offer our customers French doors and to have wooden windows installed instead.


Large summerhouses

We build large wooden summerhouses throughout Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan



We only build high-quality summerhouses, log cabins, and also garden rooms.


Quality timber

We always use high-quality timber when constructing our summerhouses, such as using red cedar, pine or oak, the option of which cladding we use is up to you.


Large team of carpenters

We employ a large team of carpenters, which will quickly build a summerhouse in Cardiff.


How much do your garden rooms cost?

Right throughout Cardiff, as well as the Vale of Glamorgan, many homeowners are purchasing quality summerhouses, as well as garden rooms that are built by Kingsley.

Kingsley can build:

However, with this said, the quality can vary massively between which company you choose to hire here in Wales. For example, some companies will provide a ultra high-quality garden room, like to sort Kingsley Garden Rooms will offer, however some others aim to be the cheapest and offer low-quality garden rooms.

For example, sometimes the wood that’s used to construct the wooden building is unsuitable for use outside. So this means that the pine wood will rot quickly, this is why we would recommend calling us for a quote for your new Cardiff Summerhouse, that’s because we only build high-quality wooden buildings.

We only use high-quality wood, for example we can use high-quality pine wood, and hardwood such as red cedar wood, we can even paint the outside of your new summerhouse for you.

Also, sometimes with the cheaper garden rooms, that are made by some company’s in Cardiff, the roof will be made of a “tar felt”, which may not last that long. For example, the  tar felt may well be laid quickly, and may allow water to rot the wooden panels underneath, which will often mean that the summerhouse will not last long. That’s why so many homeowners call us, as we build quality log cabins, summerhouses and also garden rooms.

Instead we offer high-quality summerhouses, now lets look at some of the factors which influence how much your timber summerhouse will cost if you were to hire us to construct your new summerhouse.

How much will a garden room / wooden summerhouse cost?

Here are some of the factors which can influence how much a garden room / timber summerhouse will cost:

The wooden cladding

If you want your summerhouse to be clad with a high-quality hardwood, such as red cedar wood, then this will mean that the price will increase.

However, a lot of homeowners opt for the outside of their garden room to be clad with this quality hardwood, that’s simply because it will enhance the appearance of your summerhouse.

Therefore, a very popular option is to opt for red cedar wood to be clad to the outside of your timber building.

We employ many carpenters, so we can quickly add the red cedar timber to the outside of your timber building.


French doors

A popular option is to have French doors fitted to the front of your summerhouse.


Bi-folding doors

A more expensive option would be to have bi-folding doors fitted to the front of your summerhouse.

Aluminium bi-folding doors are another very popular option along our customers that have a summerhouse built within Cardiff.

That’s because bi-folding doors can be opened in the summer, and the warm air can therefore flow into the summerhouse.

For example, if you are planning on using your garden room as a home office, you might want to fold back the bi-folding doors to enjoy the summer weather, while you work within your summerhouse.


How large will the summerhouse be?

If you want a very large summerhouse to be built, then this will be more expensive.

We build very large summerhouses.

For example, some customers will want the wooden summerhouse to be built so that when guests stay over they can use the summerhouse as accommodation.

Therefore, we can build wooden buildings so large that they can have separate bedrooms, a shower area and also a toilet.


Rubber roof

We also offer high-quality rubber roofs which can be fitted to each one of our wooden summerhouses, we can also offer lower cost options such as having a “fibreglass roof” installed instead.


Do you require a shower and a toilet to be installed?

If you require a shower cubicle, and also a toilet to be installed then cost will be slightly higher to build your new wooden summerhouse.


Do you require decking?

Often a lot of customers will opt to have decking fitted around the outside of the building, if you would like decking to surround the garden room then this will cost slightly more.


Do you wish for internal walls to be built?

If you wish to have internal walls built, using plasterboard, and wooden stud petitions, then this can cost slightly more, yet many homeowners will prefer to have separate rooms within their garden room.

For example, if you are using the space as a home office, then you may want separate rooms, for example, sometimes some homeowners use their garden room for multiple uses.

So, for example, they may want one room that they can use as a home office, and then when they finish work, they may use the other side of the summerhouse as a home gym?


Which areas does your business cover?

Our business serves the whole of Cardiff, we also cover the whole of The Vale of Glamorgan as well, therefore we build high-quality summerhouses right throughout Penarth, Cowbridge and also within Cardiff.


How do I arrange for an estimate?

If you would like an estimate then why not give us a ring or e-mail us today?

We can give you a quote for building a high-quality summerhouse.



We need a timber summerhouse built in the Vale- can your company help?


We build timber summerhouses within the Vale of Glamorgan, we build high-quality wooden summerhouses.

There are many companies that build garden rooms, however we are different from a lot of these companies, that’s quite simply because we only build high-quality summerhouses.

We also offer our customers many different options when we build their summerhouse, for example they may wish to opt for red cedar hardwood cladding and bi-folding doors.

Another customer may wish to opt for a large L-shaped summerhouse, that has multiple separate internal rooms and has a high-quality rubber roof fitted.

We can therefore build your wooden summerhouse to your specification.

We build summerhouses in Penarth and also Cowbridge

We can build wooden summerhouses anywhere within the town of Penarth and also within Cowbridge.

We have a large team of carpenters, and also labourers which allow us to quickly build our summerhouses, so if you wish to appoint a contractor which can build your wooden summerhouse quickly, then we are a company for you.

High-quality garden rooms

We build very high-quality summerhouses, that’s to say we never compromise on the building materials that we use, whether it’s the wood or the windows and doors that we fit within the summerhouse for example.

We only use high-quality building materials.

We also only use high-quality timber that we source from a few timber yard’s within Cardiff.

Many options

We can offer you many different options when you choose our company, for example you may wish to opt for French doors or to have bi-folding doors fitted?

Also, you might wish to have a fibreglass roof installed, or you may wish to opt for a rubber roof instead.

You may also wish to opt for a small garden room, or you may want our carpenters to build a very large summerhouse.

Aluminium bi-folding doors

We can install aluminium bi-folding doors into your new summerhouse, this way during the summer months when the weather is warm, you can fold back the bi-folding doors and let the summer weather and heat flow into your summerhouse.

A lot of our customers also comment that when they use their garden room as a home office, they like during the summer to fold back the aluminium bi-folding doors while working within their garden room.

Rubber roof’s

A lot of companies that build garden rooms may offer really low prices, however sometimes this is   because they compromise on the building materials that they use.

For example, to save money the company might use a tar felt roof, we do not fit felt roofs instead we only offer high-quality fibreglass roofs, or high quality rubber roof’s.

Built quickly

We are able to build your summerhouse quickly, that’s because we employ carpenters and a team of labourers who are able to assemble a wooden summerhouse in a short period of time.

This is ideal if you are looking for a company that can build a new timber summerhouse in a short period of time during the summer, yet we also work all year round.


A lot of customers would like wooden decking built around their summerhouse, we can therefore build wooden decking right the way around your garden room.

Would you like a garden room that you can use as a home office?

A lot of people are now working from home, that’s to say a lot of people want to have a wooden summerhouse built so that they can use the space as a home office.

Therefore if you are looking to avoid the commute back and for work, then why not invest in a high-quality wooden summerhouse?

Clad with high-quality hardwood

A lot of our customers ask us to add to the outside of the summerhouse a high quality hardwood such as red cedar.

We can clad the outside of your new summerhouse using red cedar wood, or another hardwood, this will improve the appearance of your summerhouse.

Multiple uses

When you invest in a wooden summerhouse, a lot of homeowners use it for multiple different uses, for example homeowners can use the summerhouse for a vast amount of different reasons, ranging from use as a home office right through to a room to do yoga within.

However, a lot of homeowner’s comment that before they invested in a summerhouse, they did not use the end of their garden, so this space within their garden was more or less wasted.

Therefore, investing in a wooden garden room can help you to make the most out of your garden.


We build wooden summerhouses throughout Penarth


We also build wooden summerhouses and garden rooms throughout Cowbridge as well.


Vale of Glamorgan

Our carpenters can therefore build a high-quality garden room anywhere within the Vale of Glamorgan.

Wooden summerhouses

If you require a high-quality summerhouse to be built then why not give us a ring?

Why not give us a ring?

To arrange for a quote, why not give us a ring today?