How much do your garden rooms cost?

Right throughout Cardiff, as well as the Vale of Glamorgan, many homeowners are purchasing quality summerhouses, as well as garden rooms that are built by Kingsley.

Kingsley can build:

However, with this said, the quality can vary massively between which company you choose to hire here in Wales. For example, some companies will provide a ultra high-quality garden room, like to sort Kingsley Garden Rooms will offer, however some others aim to be the cheapest and offer low-quality garden rooms.

For example, sometimes the wood that’s used to construct the wooden building is unsuitable for use outside. So this means that the pine wood will rot quickly, this is why we would recommend calling us for a quote for your new Cardiff Summerhouse, that’s because we only build high-quality wooden buildings.

We only use high-quality wood, for example we can use high-quality pine wood, and hardwood such as red cedar wood, we can even paint the outside of your new summerhouse for you.

Also, sometimes with the cheaper garden rooms, that are made by some company’s in Cardiff, the roof will be made of a “tar felt”, which may not last that long. For example, the  tar felt may well be laid quickly, and may allow water to rot the wooden panels underneath, which will often mean that the summerhouse will not last long. That’s why so many homeowners call us, as we build quality log cabins, summerhouses and also garden rooms.

Instead we offer high-quality summerhouses, now lets look at some of the factors which influence how much your timber summerhouse will cost if you were to hire us to construct your new summerhouse.

How much will a garden room / wooden summerhouse cost?

Here are some of the factors which can influence how much a garden room / timber summerhouse will cost:

The wooden cladding

If you want your summerhouse to be clad with a high-quality hardwood, such as red cedar wood, then this will mean that the price will increase.

However, a lot of homeowners opt for the outside of their garden room to be clad with this quality hardwood, that’s simply because it will enhance the appearance of your summerhouse.

Therefore, a very popular option is to opt for red cedar wood to be clad to the outside of your timber building.

We employ many carpenters, so we can quickly add the red cedar timber to the outside of your timber building.


French doors

A popular option is to have French doors fitted to the front of your summerhouse.


Bi-folding doors

A more expensive option would be to have bi-folding doors fitted to the front of your summerhouse.

Aluminium bi-folding doors are another very popular option along our customers that have a summerhouse built within Cardiff.

That’s because bi-folding doors can be opened in the summer, and the warm air can therefore flow into the summerhouse.

For example, if you are planning on using your garden room as a home office, you might want to fold back the bi-folding doors to enjoy the summer weather, while you work within your summerhouse.


How large will the summerhouse be?

If you want a very large summerhouse to be built, then this will be more expensive.

We build very large summerhouses.

For example, some customers will want the wooden summerhouse to be built so that when guests stay over they can use the summerhouse as accommodation.

Therefore, we can build wooden buildings so large that they can have separate bedrooms, a shower area and also a toilet.


Rubber roof

We also offer high-quality rubber roofs which can be fitted to each one of our wooden summerhouses, we can also offer lower cost options such as having a “fibreglass roof” installed instead.


Do you require a shower and a toilet to be installed?

If you require a shower cubicle, and also a toilet to be installed then cost will be slightly higher to build your new wooden summerhouse.


Do you require decking?

Often a lot of customers will opt to have decking fitted around the outside of the building, if you would like decking to surround the garden room then this will cost slightly more.


Do you wish for internal walls to be built?

If you wish to have internal walls built, using plasterboard, and wooden stud petitions, then this can cost slightly more, yet many homeowners will prefer to have separate rooms within their garden room.

For example, if you are using the space as a home office, then you may want separate rooms, for example, sometimes some homeowners use their garden room for multiple uses.

So, for example, they may want one room that they can use as a home office, and then when they finish work, they may use the other side of the summerhouse as a home gym?


Which areas does your business cover?

Our business serves the whole of Cardiff, we also cover the whole of The Vale of Glamorgan as well, therefore we build high-quality summerhouses right throughout Penarth, Cowbridge and also within Cardiff.


How do I arrange for an estimate?

If you would like an estimate then why not give us a ring or e-mail us today?

We can give you a quote for building a high-quality summerhouse.



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