Why not purchase a summerhouse from us, so that you can have your own home gym?


A lot of us afterwork like to visit a gym in order to exercise so that we can improve our general fitness.

However, after a long day at work sometimes the thought of then having to drive to the gym, and then the gym being busy can put a lot of people off going.

This means that a lot of people might not go to the gym as often as they would like.

What if you were to invest in your own gym. Many homeowners are hiring us here at Kingsley to build summerhouses and also garden rooms that can be used as a gym.

For example, our carpenters have built very large wooden summerhouses, these summerhouses then may have a treadmill, a rowing machine, free weights and also other gym equipment inside.

Summerhouses Cardiff


That’s to say if you were to hire us at Kingsley we can build a high-quality summerhouses for you, you could use this space as your own personal gym.

The best part is you will not have to commute in traffic to get to the gym after work, so you can simply come home, and use the gym within the comfort of your own garden.

We have built very large Cardiff summerhouses and garden rooms, we can also offer you many different options, such as having large bi-folding doors to the front of your new summerhouse, or perhaps you would like decking around your entire summerhouse.

This way there is no waiting for equipment to become available, because you will own the equipment instead, plus instead of the noisy gym environment, you can work out within your garden.

Large garden rooms that can be used a space to do Yoga or to use as a gym

A lot of homeowners haven’t got the space within their property to use a whole room as a home gym, that’s to say gym equipment can take up a lot of space, and therefore a homeowner might only be able to keep a few pieces of equipment within the house.

This is why more and more of our customers within Cardiff, and also The Vale of Glamorgan are contacting us to build wooden summerhouses so that the property owners can then use the space as a home gym.

The best part is we are not like a lot of other companies that build wooden summerhouses, that’s to say some companies just offer a few sizes of wooden summerhouses to choose from. However, we employ carpenters so we build garden rooms, summerhouses, log cabins so that you can have a wooden building in your garden to use as a home gym.


What makes your business different?

Some summerhouses are often built within a factory, and therefore the company might be building the summerhouses within a factory themselves, or purchasing from another company. These summerhouses built in a factory are not therefore bespoke, and are sometimes referred to as “flat-pack” summerhouses. However when you hire us, we only build bespoke summerhouses, which are made by our carpenters in your garden.


Our carpenters can therefore build the following:

·        Summerhouses Cardiff

·        Log cabins

·        Garden rooms

·        Garden offices

However, when you choose Kingsley, our carpenters will be building a high-quality summerhouse that is bespoke, that’s to say, we can build a high-quality new garden room, and construct it to the exact size that you specify.

This way you can have a garden room that spans the entire width of your garden.

This is often ample enough space to house multiple gym equipment.

Why not invest in a garden room?

Many people do not want to go through the inconvenience and expense of having to move house, but they just wished that they had more space available within the property to use as a home office or as a gym.

Why invest in a garden room?

This is what a garden room can offer, it can offer more usable space within your garden.

A lot of our customers say to us that before they did not use the end of their garden at all, that’s to say it was pretty much wasted space.

Often the end of garden is home to a rather dilapidated old greenhouse, or a garden shed that is looking a bit tired and broken in parts.

Therefore, you might deem it better to use the space for a garden room or summerhouse, where you will have much more use out of the space?

For example, even if you change your mind about using the space as a gym, the space can be used for multiple different reasons, such as yoga room, or as a home office, or simply a place to relax and enjoy book during the summer?


Bi-folding doors

Sometimes when you are within a gym, the air can seem quite stuffy, and where a lot of people have been working out, it can feel as though the air is quite stale.

However, when you invest in a garden room, you can opt for bi-folding doors, they can then foldback and the doors will open to the length of the timber summerhouse.

This means you can work out while the fresh air floods through the summerhouse.


Ample space

We have built some very large wooden summerhouses right throughout The Vale of Glamorgan and also in Cardiff, that’s to say some Cardiff summerhouses can be very large, for example some homeowners even use the space as accommodation for when guests stay.

For example, you might opt to have bedrooms within your garden room. As you can see there are many different uses when you invest in a high-quality timber garden room built by Kingsley.

Also if you enjoy going to the gym, you might find that you are put off because of time. For example, it can take a lot of time commuting back and fore the gym, especially if the gym is busy and you have to wait to use equipment.

Therefore, if you enjoy going to the gym, you will be able to visit your gym more frequently if it is at home.

Large summerhouses


We have built some very large wooden summerhouses throughout The Vale, and also Cardiff, we can do this because we employ many carpenters, which are able to build large summerhouses.


The Vale of Glamorgan

We build summerhouses within Penarth, Cowbridge and also in The Vale of Glamorgan.



We also build Cardiff summerhouses.



We employ many carpenters and our work is always high-quality

For a quote why not give us a ring?




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