Why are so many garden offices and garden rooms clad with red cedar wood?


Right throughout Wales and the U.K a lot of garden room company’s build garden offices and garden rooms with red cedar clad to the outside of the wooden building.

Often the design therefore can be quite similar between some companies, that’s to say some companies use a pitched rubber roof, this is often combined with aluminium bi-folding doors, and also often wooden decking is then placed in front of the summerhouse.

Cheap summerhouses we believe are a total false economy, that’s if the building materials, such as the wood are low-quality. This is why here at Kingsley, we only use high-quality building materials when we build a Cardiff garden office or a Cardiff garden room, we for example can offer you:

·        High-quality wooden cladding

·        Aluminium bi-folding doors, wooden doors, French doors

Garden offices and garden rooms, built by Kingsley can be build fast

·        High quality roofing, such as “rubber roofs” and fibreglass roofs

·        We build garden rooms, garden offices, log cabins and summerhouses

·        Quality wood

·        Quality windows and doors

·        Quality decking

·        Quality lightening

But why opt for red cedar wood for your garden office?

A popular option that many homeowners opt for is to have the outside of the summerhouse clad with something called “red cedar” wood. This is a high-quality wood, which will enhance any garden room, it is a quality wood, which gives that high-quality feel.

Red cedar wood is a type of hardwood, within this article we will look at why this is such a popular option along so many summerhouse owners here in Cardiff.

Here’s a summary of why red cedar wood is often used:

·        It will enhance the appearance of any garden office

·        Many summerhouses, garden rooms and log cabins are clad with red cedar wood, as red cedar is simply high quality and will enhance the appearance

·        Can make your garden office have that “luxury” appearance.

Why do so many summerhouse owners opt for red cedar to be clad to the outside?

Red cedar is a very popular option for cladding a summerhouse with, that’s because of the appearance of the wood. It’s a wood that’s not just become popular for garden offices, but many luxury homes now use red cedar for fencing, drive-way gates, front doors, the list goes on, it simply is a high-quality item, and tells someone that you have invested in a quality hardwood.

When this is clad to the outside of you summerhouse or garden office it will instantly enhance the garden room a more luxury appearance.

Used on summerhouses and garden offices

A lot of homeowners do not want cheap “flat-pack” summerhouses, which are made sometimes from pine. The pine wood is sometimes not suitable for use in a garden, so the wood will quickly develop “wood rot”, this might mean that after a short amount of time, some garden offices, which have been cheaply made will leak, will develop wood rot, and simply put be unusable.

Avoid some cheap garden rooms and garden offices, as some can be a false-economy

So many homeowners opt for cheap summerhouses, which often come in a flat pack form and then assembled by another company. The wood sometimes is cheap, its pine, its not treated for use in a garden, sometimes this is combined with a felt-tar roof, which is poorly applied, will cause the roof to leak, and the whole garden office / garden room to be a total false economy.

Avoid cheap cladding being used on your garden room

So many garden offices are clad with pine, yet the pine is sometimes not for use as cladding, so it may rot.

This simply means that many homeowners opt for a summerhouse which initially may look brilliant, and maybe offered at a low-price, yet in rather a short period of time, if the wood is low quality the wood may start to rot, and it is likely that the summerhouse will not last very long at all.

Why would you recommend opting for red cedar?

Red cedar is becoming a popular option for summerhouses, garden fences, and driveway gates, that’s because garden office owners want a more luxurious type of cladding. T

Red cedar is a lot more expensive than say using pine, simply because it is a hardwood, however many homeowners within the city of Cardiff want to invest in a summerhouse that is high-quality, and when a customer want a high-quality summerhouss often they will opt for red cedar.

Quality of the wood can vary massively

As any good carpenter or joiner will tell you, the quality of wood can often vary massively between which company you choose.

We only use high-quality red cedar wood, so when you pick our company to build your garden room you can rest assured that we will always use a really high-quality wood.

We also employ highly experienced carpenters which will build your new summerhouse.

Would you like a garden room built in Cardiff?

If you would like a high-quality wooden building constructed here within Cardiff, then why not give us a ring?

We build high-quality wooden summerhouses and garden rooms throughout the city of Cardiff as well as throughout the Vale of Glamorgan as well.

We can offer you many different options, such as opting for wooden French doors, bi-folding doors and also we can build any size garden room.

For a quote why not give us a ring today?

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