Why are garden offices now becoming so popular?


One of the most common reasons why we build garden rooms and garden offices for our customers is simply because the homeowner within The Vale of Glamorgan or within Cardiff, wishes to use the space as a home office.

Now, because of the Covid virus, more and more homeowners are working from home. This has meant that many homeowners right across Cardiff have hired us to build garden offices.

Many homeowners also hire us simply because we build luxury and also high-quality wooden buildings.

Its fair to say there are many companies that build summerhouses, yet sometimes in order to gain work the businesses offer these at very low prices.

However if the roof is low-quality, for example it has poorly applied tar felt roofing, then the roof might incur a leak, this is why we think cheap summerhouses are sometimes worth avoiding.

Plus, if the wood is say pine wood, yet the pine wood is not treated for use outdoors, then its entirely possible that the wood will start to rot quickly.

Here in Wales, and the rest of the U.K, our climate is wet, and often cold, this is the ideal weather for wood rot to set in.

So, whichever garden room company that you do hire, make sure they use high-quality wood, for example high-quality pine, red cedar or say oak, but do make sure that whatever wood they use, that it can be used outside.

The next crucial item we would say is the roof, to make sure you opt for a high-quality fibreglass roof, or a rubber roof, and that’s its installed by an expert, too many cheap summerhouses use cheap, low-quality felt-roofing, which if poorly applied, this could mean that after a very short period of time, the garden room incurs a leak.

Why hire Kingsley?

Kingsley is an established brand, we build high-quality summerhouses right across Wales.

Plus, purchasing a garden office can bring you many benefits, such as:

·        Additional space to work

·        Some customers use the space also as a “cinema room”

·        Can help you to keep work separate from the house, i.e you may wish to store your work letters at the garden office

·        Makes a great place to work, as you can look over your garden while working, many customers like the natural light, the birds, and other wildlife they see while working in there garden office.

That’s to say, the homeowner might be a small business owner, or simply somebody that wants to create a home office within their garden.

And this makes so much sense, after all, who wants to drive to an office, that’s if instead you can simply walk to your garden office, switch on the coffee machine and start work?

Garden offices therefore help us to save time, that’s because you haven’t got to travel to the office, instead your office is in your garden.

Plus, when the day is done, and you wish to switch-off the laptop and end the day, all you do is lock the door, and walk back to the house.

Luxury garden office

Therefore many more people in Cardiff are hiring us to build a luxury garden offices, plus, when you choose Kingsley, we can offer you so many different options, such as bi-folding doors, different roofing options, different cladding, decking, windows plus so many more options when you hire Kingsley.

Our carpenters can quickly build a new garden office for you, we only build high-quality garden rooms, so you be can rest assured that you will be receiving a high-quality summerhouse.

Why are so many homeowners investing in a garden office that’s built by Kingsley?

There are many reasons why homeowners are investing in garden offices, below we will look at some of the most common reasons why our customers state to us why they have purchased a summerhouse from us.

The commute

It’s fair to say that our roads are getting more congested, this is why some employers are now letting their employees work from home for some of the week, or sometimes all of the week.

Also, a lot of small business owners do not want to be renting an expensive premises, so our garden rooms make a great place to run your business from.

Plus, because of covid, some workers must work from home, and this is why more and more homeowners in Cardiff are having luxury summerhouses, and wooden garden rooms built.

More people than ever are now working from home

More people than ever are now working from home, however it’s not ideal to be working from say the kitchen table, that’s to say you may not have the available space in the house to use a room as a home office.

Therefore, the perfect solution is to invest a garden room, a room that can be used as a space to work from.

Can save some people the hassle of moving

Sometimes many homeowners will be thinking about moving house, that’s so that they can obtain additional space to work within their home through purchasing a bigger house.

For example, a homeowner that has not got a spare bedroom to use as a home office, may think about moving into a bigger property here in Cardiff.

However, there is another way, that is to invest in a garden room, that you can use as a home office.

Great place to work

We think that a garden room can make a great place to work from, that’s because you can opt have large bi- folding doors fitted to the front of your new summerhouse, which can let light flow into summerhouse.

Also, during the summer, you can let light flood into the summerhouse, and enjoy the summer weather.

Do you need a high-quality garden room?

There are many different types of summerhouses, some have been already built in a factory, and are therefore in a flatpack form.

However, we do not build these types of flat-pack summerhouses, instead our summerhouses are built bespoke for our customers by our carpenters.

Our carpenters only build high-quality garden offices

Our carpenters will only build high-quality garden offices.

Our company build’s garden offices right throughout Cardiff.

We build garden rooms right throughout Cardiff

Enjoy the summer weather

Many of our customers state that they like working from their garden room, that’s during the summer, simply because they can enjoy the summer weather, and take a break while sitting out on the decking.

The space can be used for multiple different reasons

The space can therefore be used for multiple different purposes, for example, homeowners may use the space to work from during the day, they then may have a dedicated space within the summerhouse to use gym equipment as well, so the space doubles up as a home office and gym.

We can build large garden offices

We can build very large garden rooms.

For a quote why not give us a ring?

For a no obligation quote, why not give us a ring today?

We need a luxury garden room built, if we design it, can you build it?


Often a customer will know exactly how they would like their new garden office or garden room to look, therefore our carpenters can then build your perfect luxury garden room for you.

As we will explain within this article, some summerhouses offered by some companies are already made within a factory and therefore a generic type summerhouse is built.

However, we do not build “flatpack summerhouses”; that’s because our carpenters build our garden rooms completely from scratch.

We quite simply build luxury, that’s because everyone of our garden rooms is handcrafted in Wales by one of our carpenters.

We offer luxury garden offices and garden rooms, quite simply because we make sure that the garden room is built to our high-standards, we also offer you many different design options when we construct your summerhouse, for example, we can offer:

·        Luxury garden offices and garden rooms that have large high-quality bi-folding doors

·        High-quality rubber roofs or fibreglass roofs

·        We can build internal rooms

·        We can build decking to the front of your garden room

·        We offer luxury because we can clad the outside of the summerhouse using red cedar wood, which is a high-quality hardwood

·        We build many Cardiff garden offices and garden rooms simply because we  have a large team of carpenters that will be able to build a luxury garden room within your garden.


Our carpenters build our summerhouses completely from scratch, we also use high-quality timber in order to build our summerhouses. For example, some homeowners opt for oak cladding or red cedar wood cladding, we can offer you many hardwood cladding options.

We think to build a truly “luxury garden room” you need to opt for a high-quality wooden cladding, and to combine this with aluminium bi-folding doors. We build our garden rooms in Cardiff and all across Wales.

We also use high-quality suppliers of bi-folding doors, wooden windows, rubber roof’s, fibreglass roofs and we also use suppliers that supply us with high-quality timber. So we can offer you many different options, so why not choose us to build your luxury garden room?

Therefore, your garden room will be totally bespoke, it will be built by our carpenters using high-quality wood from scratch.

Not flatpack

Sometimes you will see cheap prices for some summerhouses and some log cabins, however often these are in a “flatpack” form and are then assembled by the business.

However, if the quality of the summerhouse is not good-quality, in that the wood is not suited for use outside, then the wooden summerhouse may simply start develop wood rot or may have a leaking roof within a short time.

We therefore think that these cheap summerhouses are a total false economy, and this is why we do not build flatpack summerhouses. We only build luxury wooden buildings, we build our luxury wooden garden buildings all over Wales.

We listen to our customers

We listen carefully to our customers, that’s to say, we listen to how our customers want us to build their new summerhouse, and we will then build your perfect wooden summerhouse for you.

For example, some come homeowners might want large wooden French doors, however another popular option is for homeowners to opt for large aluminium bi-folding doors.

Also, customers may pick to have a Cardiff summerhouse that has a brick walled side, some customers may pick to have wooden cladding, with red cedar or even oak for example.

Many options

We can offer you so many different options, we can offer you so many different options in terms of which roof you want, right through to which wooden windows you would like.

Our carpenters can also position internal walls within your summerhouse exactly where you want.

For example, many summerhouse owners use their garden room for multiple different reasons, for example, as a home office or as a home gym, therefore you might want a plasterboard wall constructed to separate the two rooms?


We build luxury wooden summerhouses in Cardiff.

Vale of Glamorgan

We build garden rooms in The Vale of Glamorgan.


Our business covers the whole of Cowbridge.


We also construct summerhouses in Penarth, in The Vale of Glamorgan.

Luxury summerhouses

We only build luxury summerhouses, using high-quality wood.


We employ many carpenters, who can quickly build our summerhouses.

High-quality timber

We only use high-quality timber.

Why not give us a ring?

Why not give us a ring for a quote today?



How long would it take you to build a summerhouse in Cardiff?


Some companies will offer a quote to build a wooden summerhouse that has already been partially made within a factory. These are sometimes called “flat-pack” summerhouses. Sometimes, its just a matter of the wooden frame needing to be slotted together, and a roof may already have the tar felt roof already made and just needs screwing to the frame. We do not build these types of summerhouses, that’s because the Cardiff summerhouses we build, are built from scratch by our carpenters.

This simply means that the company is often just reselling often what is built by another company, and then constructing the summerhouse from a flatpack.

However, our business is very different, we only build luxury garden rooms throughout South Wales and the South West. All of our summerhouses are built bespoke for our customers.

So, this means we build all of our summerhouses from scratch. We have built many summerhouses Cardiff, we have built large summerhouses, L-shaped summerhouses and also summerhouses that are used as a home office

We build:

·        Wooden summerhouses

·        Wooden garden rooms

·        Garden offices Cardiff

·        Garden rooms

·        Decking

We build quality

This simply means that we do not built “flatpack summerhouses”, we instead listen to what our customers want in terms of the design of their summerhouse, and then build their summerhouse totally from scratch. We use high-quality wood, windows, doors and roofing to build your garden room.

This will take us longer to construct, yet we only sell luxurious summerhouses, which are of a very high-quality.

We also employ carpenters who can construct your summerhouse, but also make your garden room bespoke.

For example, our customers will often specify where they want the internal walls to be, which roof option that they want, whether they want French doors, aluminium doors, decking and which cladding the homeowners want as well.

So, when you choose Kingsley to build your new summerhouse, you will have many different options to choose from.



We build Cardiff summerhouses


Now we are going to look at some of the factors which determine how long it takes us to build a new summerhouse.

Depends on the size of the summerhouse

How long it takes to build a wooden summerhouse does depend on the size of the garden room or summerhouse, for example, sometimes we build very large garden rooms, which can span the entire width of a large garden. When we are building very large wooden summerhouses this will take a lot longer, because it will take longer to build the foundations, which may be built from concrete, also longer to build the actual structure and to build the roof.

Therefore this will take us longer to construct such a summerhouse, simply as there is a lot more work, as it will take longer to construct the roof and to lay a rubber roof for example on a large summerhouse.

However, because we employ a large team of labourers, we can often complete the construction at a good pace.

Bi-folding doors?

Many of our customers opt for aluminium bi-folding doors, these have to be ordered from an external supplier and this can sometimes take us longer to build a summerhouse. Therefore if you are having large by folding doors fitted to your garden office, and this is often a very popular option, then we will need to order the by folding doors in advance.

We have built many Cardiff garden offices, often the customer will opt for by folding doors or a large set of French doors, we often have the French doors and the aluminium doors build off-site, therefore need to obtain measurements in order to have these doors built before we start work on building your garden office or garden room.

Does the ground need to be levelled?

Some properties within Cardiff will have a perfectly level garden, however often we have to remove some shrubbery and also to level the ground using an excavator, this will take us longer to build the summerhouse.

Therefore when we are building a Cardiff garden room, often we will need to bring in one of our many excavators to level the garden, and sometimes remove excess oil from the garden so that we have a level foundation in order to build our wooden summerhouse from.

Some of the garden offices and garden rooms that we build will have a concrete foundation, will therefore need to prepare the ground, and remove the excess oil. If there is good access to the back of the garden then this can be a fairly quick task, however if the soil needs to be wheelbarrow or it needs to be driven out of the front of the property with a dumper then this can sometimes slow down the construction of your new summerhouse.




Do you require hardwood cladding?

If you require hardwood cladding, such as red cedar, then this will often take us longer for us to construct the summerhouse, that’s simply because our carpenters will need to take the time to make sure that the red cedar is correctly placed to the side of your summerhouse.

For example if you would like a hardwood cladding, then we will need the time to apply the red cedar audio cladding to the side of the summerhouse if you do opt for this option.

Do you require internal rooms to be built?

Some of our customers will want an open plan summerhouse, that’s to say soon as you open the bi- folding doors there will be one large room inside.

However, a lot of our customers also want to use their summerhouse for multiple different uses, so they want separate rooms within the summerhouse, so for example you may use one section of the summerhouse to be used as a garden office and another section of the summerhouse simply to be used as a home gym, therefore plasterboard walls may need to be constructed to create separate rooms.

Is the summerhouse or garden office that’s going to be built in Cardiff going to be in a L shape?

If you would like a large L-shaped summerhouse built, then this normally takes us longer to construct.

Do you require wooden decking to be built to surround your summerhouse?

Many of our customers opt for wooden decking, which surrounds the whole of their summerhouse, this will take longer to construct.

Rubber roof or a fibreglass roof?

We only install high-quality rubber roofs, and also fibreglass roofs, this is why it takes us longer to install our summerhouses than some other companies.

Some companies only offer felt roofing, if this is not installed correctly, then after a short amount of time the summerhouse might develop a leak.

The weather

If the weather is particularly poor, in that it is forecast for heavy rain or snow, then sometimes this can slow down how long it takes us to build a wooden summerhouse.


Our carpenters can build a high-quality summerhouse for you.

How our business can help:

If you would like the quote for a summerhouse to be built in the Vale of Glamorgan areas such as Penarth, Cowbridge or within Cardiff, then we can help.

To arrange for a quote, why not give us a ring today?