Why are so many garden rooms used as garden offices?


It’s fair to say that more people than ever are now working from home, so whether you’re a small business owner or you work for a company which allows you to work from home a few days a week, a garden room can make a great place to work from.

One of the main reasons why we build summerhouses for our customers is for our customers to use the space as a home office. We build high quality garden rooms in Cardiff.

A lot of our customers therefore state the following reasons for why they have invested in a garden room to use as a home office space.

Great place to work from

A garden room can make a great place to work from, you have the convenience of being close to your house, yet also having your own home office in your summerhouse.  

Also, when the weather is nice, you can simply pop out into your garden, and enjoy the warm summer weather. If you opt to have bi-folding doors, you can even fold these completely back, and enjoy the summer weather.

We have built may garden offices Cardiff. Many homeowners ask us to build wooden buildings because we have highly experienced carpenters that work for us, this means that we can build a bespoke garden office for you.

Plus, whether we are building a luxury log cabin, summerhouse, garden room or garden office, we can offer you many different options to pick from, so for example, you may wish to opt for:

·        Oak cladding

·        Red cedar cladding

·        Decking

·        Aluminium bi-folding doors

·        A rubber roof

·        Fibreglass roof

·        Plasterboard walls

·        Power points

·        Outside composite decking

·        French doors

·        Wooden windows and doors

·        Aluminium windows and doors

Great in the summer

A lot of our customers state to us that they want large aluminium bi-folding doors fitted to the front of the Cardiff summerhouse- therefore they can fold back the bi-folding doors during the summer, and enjoy the summer weather while working.

So, for example, when sending those work e-mails off your laptop, you could be working from your garden office, with the bi-folding doors, folded back, allowing the warm summer weather to flow into your workspace, while you work and look over your garden.

Save on renting office space

As we all know renting office space, even if he’s just renting one desk, can be quite expensive. This is especially so if you work in a capital city like Cardiff, this is why many homeowners in Wales are hiring us to build luxury wooden summerhouses, to be used as a garden office.

Plus, we employ many carpenters, so when you hire us as your company to build your wooden summerhouse, we can build the garden office, or garden room, so that its bespoke.

Therefore, a garden room can be a great place to run a business from, without having to rent office space.

No need to commute back and for work

A lot of time can be wasted every single week through commuting back and for a single place of work, that’s to say being stuck in traffic can waste a lot of time. Having to drive back and fore the office can consume time, not to mention all the diesel or petrol that is being used, this is why many people are now working from home, with some employers allowing staff to work from home all week, or some of the week, this is why so many homeowners are purchasing a garden office Cardiff.

Can help to have a dedicated space to work from

A lot of homeowners when they start working from home, might work from the kitchen table or even on the sofa!

This is not ideal, that’s if you are running a small business, or working from home, therefore a lot of homeowners then make the step of investing in a garden room. Working on say the kitchen table is not ideal, often you will want more space, and a desk to work from, this is why a garden office or a garden room is ideal, as you can have a large desk, plenty of space to store your work items, such as your paper work, and you can work from your garden.

Can be built quickly

Our garden rooms can be built relatively quickly, that’s because we employ many carpenters and a large team which can set to work on constructing your garden room for you.

Can offer a quieter space to work from

If you need to take calls for work, or simply just need to concentrate on your work, then sometimes working from your house is not ideal.

That’s because it might be other family members within the house, and you may find this distracting when working.

Can be used for multiple different purposes

A garden room can be used for multiple different purposes, that’s to say, during the day the summerhouse can be a home office, yet during the evening and weekends, you might wish to use the space in order to relax, or as a home gym.

We build high-quality garden rooms, here in Cardiff and The Vale.

We build high-quality garden rooms throughout Cardiff and also The Vale of Glamorgan.

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