How do you ensure that you build high-quality garden rooms and also garden offices?


There are now so many companies which offer to build wooden summerhouses and also log cabins here in Wales.

However, with that said, the quality of what various garden room company’s will offer can vary massively.

This means that some companies may offer relatively low-cost “build it yourself” type wooden buildings.

On the other end of the spectrum are you really high-quality garden rooms, built using expensive building materials, like using red cedar cladding, high-quality roof coverings and also using top-quality bi-folding doors and here at Kingsley Garden Rooms, that’s what we build, and that is quality.

What types of garden rooms do you build in Cardiff?

We build the following types of wooden buildings:

·        Log cabins

·        We can build garden offices

·        Wooden buildings that are used as home gyms

·        A wooden building that you can run a small business from

·        Luxury garden rooms

·        Summerhouses

So, what makes your garden rooms and garden offices high-quality?

We only ever use quality wood and we also employ skilled carpenters that will build high-quality timber buildings.

For example, we never build “flat pack”- so every timber joist, piece of wood cladding, wooden floor covering and also wooden windows will be made by our carpenters.

We also have a project manager that will oversee all of the work, so regardless if we are building a small wooden summerhouse, or a very large garden room, you will have a project manager who will be assigned to make sure that we build quality.

What makes your garden rooms different from what some other companies can offer?

We differentiate our business from some other companies, that’s because we focus on offering quality and luxury garden rooms.

However, some companies do not offer quality, some companies instead focus therefore the entire business model on offering the lowest prices for low-quality premade garden rooms.

Now, some premade garden rooms are made in a factory and can sometimes be very good quality, and therefore are worth investing in.

However, what sometimes happens is there are some premade garden rooms that are made very cheaply, sometimes using pine timber which is substandard, and often the tar roof covering can be cheap and low quality, which may allow water to ingress into the wooden roof, causing the roof to decay and even collapse after a short amount of time!

Therefore when some of these factory premade summerhouses are made by some companies, they can look initially good and quite impressive when built in your garden. However, for example if the felt roofing is poorly applied, that’s to say if it is carelessly applied to a a chipboard roof covering, and this then can allow the ingress of water into the chipboard, then this will obviously make the chipboard rot after a short period of time.

Also another tell-tale sign of a really cheap low-quality summerhouse, is that the outside cladding and the structural timber is made from wood that is not suitable for our wet British climate outside, it therefore may get damp and start to incur “wood rot” after a short period of time which will make the building structurally unsafe.

So therefore whichever garden room or garden office company that you hire you must make sure you invest in quality

We only use quality building material

Plus, we only ever use high-quality building materials, so whether it’s the roof covering, the bi-folding doors, the hardwood cladding, you can be rest assured that we will only ever use quality.

So, when you’re on Google, looking for “luxury garden rooms”– you can be rest assured, that when you hire Kingsley, that we only build luxury garden offices and garden rooms, these are built bespoke to your requirements, they are not therefore already made in a factory.

We therefore combine skilled carpenters, quality building materials, and we therefore build quality garden rooms in Cardiff.

Plus, every single garden room, or garden office will be built totally from scratch, so you can tell our estimator exactly how you want your garden room built, in terms of what wooden cladding options, what wooden decking you want, what type of roof you want, what windows and doors you want, whether you want internal rooms or you want one large open space and if you want sky-lights?

We can therefore offer you many different options when you want a garden room built in Cardiff, for example we can offer you so many different options ranging from where you want L.E.D lights fitted outside, right through to whether you want composite or you want wooden decking to surround your new garden room?

Bespoke garden rooms Cardiff

Every single one of our garden rooms that we build here in Cardiff, is bespoke, its not made in a factory and quickly assembled, instead its built by carpenters, in your garden.

You can therefore arrange to some companies attend your garden, and they may offer you many different options, of various wooden garden rooms, that may have different names, which represent different levels of garden room, that’s to say you the homeowner may well be presented with options, maybe say of five different garden rooms, that vary in price, and vary in size and also the fixtures and fittings, such as what wooden cladding they have, whether they have outdoor lights, which roof covering they have.

However, here at Kingsley, we don’t make our summerhouses or garden rooms in a factory, instead everyone is made to order, and made using carpenters.

If you are therefore in Cardiff and are looking for a garden room company that can build quality, that can build a bespoke wooden building to exactly the design you want, then you need our company.

We only ever use high-quality timber

We will only ever use high-quality timber, for example some companies offer very low prices on building a summerhouse, but sometimes the wood is not suitable for use within a garden.

Our company is completely different, we will only ever use high-quality timber when we build your summerhouse.

We only build high-quality summerhouses

We will only ever build high-quality summerhouses.

All of our summerhouses are built from scratch

Our carpenters will build your garden room completely from scratch, that’s to say they can build a wooden summerhouse to the exact size that you would like.

Our business covers the whole of Cardiff and also whole of The Vale of Glamorgan.

We build our garden rooms throughout the town Penarth, and also in Cardiff.

Our business also covers the whole of the Vale of Glamorgan.

Therefore, we can build high-quality garden rooms, and summerhouses anywhere throughout Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan and also Cardiff.

For a quote why not give our business a call today?