Why choose our business to build your new garden office here in Wales?


Right across South Wales, more and more people are wanting a wooden building built in their garden, whether that’s to enjoy the fine British summers, alternatively you might need a power supply, wi-fi access so you can work from your garden office.

What many homeowners instantly spot, whether the home is in Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, or near the Brecon Beacons, what homeowners find is this, that is, that the quality of garden rooms, well, they can vary so massively, that’s obviously depending on which company you choose.

There’s also a massive difference in cost, for example, there are many companies that sell exclusively online, they ship the summerhouse to you, then the homeowner assembles themselves, however, on the other end of the spectrum, in terms of overall cost, are the businesses which offer a massive range of options, build a bespoke garden office, and offer all manner of wood options, cladding, windows, sky-lights, decking and different options for the roof, and the list of various options, well can sometimes be vast.

Now, you might be thinking, well where does Kingsley sit in terms of quality, well, we are very much focused on delivering a quality product, that’s built by an expert team, and where the building materials, for example, the wood that’s used to clad the building, well, where that’s of a very good quality.

Kingsley therefore builds very well-made, bespoke garden rooms, which include using some of the finest woods we can source, using electricians to ensure there’s power, adding a really high-quality roof, we as you can see, are all about quality.

And our team travels far and wide, from The Vale of Glamorgan areas, so for example building luxury summerhouses in areas such as Cowbridge, right through to all of Cardiff, across Newport and beyond, so we also cover a large area.

The rise of home working

Now, what is the single most reason we get a call to build a luxury garden room here in Wales, well, often its from a small business owner, or from somebody that is now making the switch to working from home more, they don’t want to work within the house, they want a luxury garden building, which has its own power source, which compliments the garden, which has wi-fi and which is built to a very high standard, so for example, the walls, have a suitable insulation, the roof is high-quality, the finishing touches are done to a high-standard, for example, the room is painted to a good high standard, a good quality flooring is used, good quality lighting is used, we therefore offer so many different options.

Don’t over look the quality of the wood

So let’s say your looking for a local business, that’s to say you want to hire a garden room company in Wales, but you want really high quality wood used, you want the wood to look brilliant in your garden, so on a summers day, you look down  the garden and your impressed by the design, or at night, when the spot-lights, that’s the led lights are switched on, you transform your garden, so that the garden room becomes a place to watch a film, or simply sit back in a summers evening and enjoy a bottle of chilled wine.


Everything we do is centred around quality, that’s offering quality customer service, offering quality building materials, using quality carpenters, this then all comes together, into a garden room, that at the end, our customers are very happy with.

Experienced team of garden office builders

Why do so many people in Wales hire us to build their garden office, well, its simply due to the fact that our carpenters are day in day out building very high quality, bespoke garden rooms, they are not therefore building flat-pack garden rooms, made already in say a factory, then broken into pieces for delivery and reassembled in your garden, no, we only build very high quality, bespoke garden rooms.

This means that unlike some companies, we don’t make our summerhouses in a factory, then put them into parts for delivery, so that they can be reassembled. Instead, our garden rooms are designed the way you want, so they are bespoke, this means that we can offer you so many different options, from composite cladding, through to say adding spot lights into the decking.

A lot of people like working in their garden

The main reason we are asked to build garden offices Wales, is simply because a lot of our customers simply say, they like working from their garden. They like working in the garden, as its so close to the house, plus, if you need a break, well, you simply have the whole garden to pop-out, enjoy the summer weather, then go back to work within the summerhouse.

Also, many customers here in Wales opt for bi-folding doors, so when the weathers nice, you may wish to fold-back the bi-folding doors, let the summer breeze in, and therefore this is why we think that a garden office, that’s built by us, can make such a great place to work.

Designed the way you want

Often a customer will call us, they will know exactly how they want the garden room to look, often this is because they have seen the style they want, say on Instagram, or they have read say an interior design magazine, they have read an article, where garden rooms where featured, then often they show us, and we will then have a really good idea of the cladding they want, the window and doors, also if they want decking, the sort of roof they want, so this can really help our estimators, here in Wales, to gain a good idea of the style garden office that you want.

We also offer free, no-obligation quotes, on garden rooms, across Wales, so whether your home is in say, Penarth, and you want a Penarth summerhouse built, or your home is in Cowbridge, or let’s say your home is a Victorian house in Llandaff Cardiff, in Wales, we can build garden offices, and also luxury summerhouses anywhere in Wales.


There are many companies building garden offices in Wales, so in summary, why choose you?


Everything we do is centred around quality, so whether you want a large triangular garden office, or you would like a garden room, that has steps leading up to it, with decking all around, we build quality, and we build the garden office, the way you like.


We employ carpenters which build quality log cabins, summerhouses, as well as garden rooms.

Wales Garden Office and Garden rooms

We build our garden buildings all over South Wales, if you would therefore like a quality garden building built, here in Wales, from Swansea over to Cardiff, they why not call our team today for a quote?



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