A lot of people here within Cardiff, South Wales, hire us to build a quality wooden garden studio because we can offer you so many different design options. From quality Velux windows, to LED lightening, to composite decking, to handmade bars right through to installing a well-known make of air conditioning systems.

We are therefore are very different from a lot of other companies out there, that sometimes sell what are often called flat-pack summerhouses, which are then shipped to the customer, sometimes for them to assemble themselves within the garden as a DIY project.

Our business is completely different from these companies that sell flat-pack garden buildings online, we are different because that the timber garden studios that we build in Wales, are always tailor-made, and an estimator will meet with you in your garden to understand the exact design that you would like constructed.

For example, we build a truly wide range of different designs, ranging from contemporary designs, with composite cladding, LED roof lights, composite decking, LED lightening internally, right through to offering more traditional designs, such as red cedar clad garden studios, with wooden windows and wooden French doors.

Because the whole structure is made completely from scratch by us, in that our highly skilled team of labourers, carpenters and electricians, roofing contractors and window installers, will build the garden studio from start to finish, we can offer you many different design options to choose from.

We will help you to design your garden studio

Now purchasing a garden studio is not an everyday purchase, so customers often do not know the various options that they can opt for, this article has therefore been written to help highlight some of different design options that our business can offer you.

We also build quality garden studio’s within The Vale of Glamorgan areas, Cowbridge and also the town of Penarth.

Yet our team, also build many garden studios and summerhouses in the capital city of Cardiff.

Different types of outdoor LED lighting

Often the garden studio will be the focal point of the garden, in that it will be an area that is used say as a garden office or as a home bar, but also enhances the garden, therefore why not illuminate the outside of the garden room in the evenings and night through using LED lighting, which can be fitted into the canopy, or it can be fitted into up-lights into the decking area.

We offer two different types of decking options, that is “composite” and also wooden decking.

Perhaps you would like a large deck area built to the front?

Often the garden studio will be used as a place to socialise, perhaps to eat outdoors and to simply relax within the sunshine? Therefore you might want an extended deck to the front of your garden studio, and our carpenters can build this for you, so that we can build composite decking or wooden decking to the front of your garden studio.
Within some gardens in Cardiff, for example it could be Whitchurch, it could be in Llanishen or it could be in Roath, some gardens the sunlight only falls on a certain part of the garden during the day, therefore to enjoy the sunshine during the summer, you might want decking outside of the garden room, so that this becomes a place to enjoy the good weather, during the summer.

Different wooden cladding options

Which cladding option you go for will completely transform the appearance of your garden studio, for example if you opt for grey colour composite, then this can give a more modern and contemporary look to the garden room, which might complement your house, if you live in a new build property say in St Mellons within Cardiff, then you might want a contemporary style summerhouse?

On the other hand, you might have a more traditional property, a property that is over a hundred-year’s-old, it might be a Victorian house which is situated within the town of Penarth Vale of Glamorgan,, therefore you might want a more traditional type of wooden summerhouse built, which suits that type of property.

For example, you might go for a hardwood cladding, rather than composite cladding, you might go for something like red cedar wood, or you might go for something like oak wooden cladding for instance, and our carpenters can fit this to the outside, and also install a quality set of wooden French doors and wooden windows if you opt for this option, so you have a more traditional summerhouse, and this might be the style that you want.

Different shape garden studios

We don’t just offer rectangular shape garden offices and garden rooms in Wales, we can build triangular and also L-shaped wooden buildings as well.

Different types of roofing

It’s really imperative that you go for a roofing option which is high-quality, so many homeowners pick the wrong summerhouse companies, which might put profit before quality, which can mean you might end up with a really low-quality roof, which means that the roof may quickly incur a leak, which means the roof and the summerhouse may incur wood rot.

We mainly used two types of quality roofing, that is “rubber roofing” and “fibreglass roofing”, and we use this because we know we can install a high quality roof. We therefore build quality garden buildings, whether they are to be used as a home office, or as a home bar, we always fit a high quality roof when you hire Kingsley to build your garden room in Wales.

Air conditioning

We can offer you air conditioning as an option

Different heating options

We can offer you many different heating options to warm your garden studio that you may wish to opt for

Different layout options

You might wish to opt for L-shaped, triangle or rectangular shape garden room?


We can offer you different flooring options, such as laminate flooring, or perhaps solid wood flooring?


We have painters and decorators, who can paint your garden studio any colour you would like.

Hot Tub

Our carpenters can build a garden studio in Cardiff, which has a large wooden canopy, which you might want to place your Jacuzzi under?

How our business can help:

We therefore build very high quality garden studios, if you would like a free and no obligation quote anywhere within Cardiff, South Wales, then why not give Kingsley a call today, so that we can arrange a quotation for your new summerhouse?

Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan

We build garden studios in Cardiff as well as in Penarth, and also in Cowbridge, also on Llantwit major in the Vale of Glamorgan as well.