Would you like a garden room built to watch the rugby or football in?

A lot of our customers want a garden building constructed so that the space becomes a place to watch the rugby or the football with friends.

A garden room built by Kingsley can make a great place to watch the Welsh Rugby team play for example, plus, a lot of customers ask us to build a wooden bar, so that you can even add draft beer pumps if you so wish? Therefore, our garden rooms, which we build here in Wales are often used as a place to relax with friends, and can help a lot of our customers to get more use out of a space in their garden that might not have been used otherwise?

Often the garden buildings that we build are large enough to place multiple sofas, and the customers often place large wall mounted televisions.

Often for a lot of the garden rooms in Wales which we build, the owner will want a structure big enough so that at one end a football game, or rugby match can be projected onto a wall, so that the homeowner can truly enjoy supporting their chosen team.

As Wales rugby team have such a vast following, a lot of homeowners ask us to build a large garden room at the end of a garden, and to have the whole construction focused on building a space to watch the rugby team. For example, air conditioning is often needed, so that the doors can be sealed in summer, yet cool enough for the occupants. Also, often a wooden bar is constructed, as well as insulated walls and a lot of plug-sockets built in, to power the televisions, projectors and the sound systems to help improve the experience of watching their chosen football or Welsh rugby team play here in Wales.  

This therefore makes it the perfect place to relax if you enjoy watching sporting events, whether you like watching rugby, football or perhaps you are a cricket follower, then we can build a bespoke garden building for you here in South Wales.

Can the garden rooms you build be insulated, heated and air-conditioned?

We can install air conditioning, if you choose this option, therefore, during the hot summer months, when the football is on, you can simply regulate the temperature within your garden building by having in air conditioning system fitted if you opt for this option.

Our carpenters can build a bar area for you

Often when we are asked to build a brand-new garden room, the homeowner will want to use it as a space to socialise within, they may therefore wart large televisions mounted on the wall, our carpenters can also build a really high-quality bar as well.

Our customers then once built sometimes place draft beer pumps on the bar, and also behind the bar you might want spirits hung on the wall? This is so it looks like an authentic bar. This can create a brilliant atmosphere if your having friends over to watch say the football.

Can also be used as a cinema room

Even when you’re not using the garden room to watch say the football the Welsh rugby on the weekends, the garden room could even be used as a cinema room? For example, a lot of our customers purchase real high-quality projectors, so that they can project a sporting event onto the wall. The garden building could also be used to watch your favourite films from as well, so the space becomes la cinema room as well as a place to watch sporting events.

Why not hire us to build your garden room?

There are truly thousands of companies now build summerhouses as well as garden buildings here in Wales.

There are therefore a vast number of companies which are based in Wales, and there are other companies which travel the whole of the United Kingdom building garden rooms.

However, we can offer you very competitive pricing, and a very high-quality product, we are also able to build the structure exactly the way you want.

Why not have a Jacuzzi fitted to the side?

If you’re going to use the garden room as a place to relax and watch the rugby, then you might also want to have a canopy built to the side, so that in the construction you can also have a hot-tub to the side.

Therefore on the weekends you can watch your favourite rugby match for example watching the Welsh rugby team, and then after the game you can relax in your own Jacuzzi? Therefore a lot of homeowners within The Vale of Glamorgan and within the city are asking us to build garden buildings which can incorporate to the side a Jacuzzi.

Garden Rooms in Wales

We have our very own design team, which means that we are able to spend time with you explaining all the different various options that we are able to offer you, therefore if you live in Wales and want a garden building built then why not give our a ring?

Why not call us for a quote?

We offer no obligation quotes, so whether you want a summerhouse built in The Vale of Glamorgan, for use as a home bar, a summerhouse as a place to go and relax, or you want a garden building so that you can watch the rugby on the weekends, we can build your perfect garden building so why not give our business a ring?





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