We need a garden room built this summer in Wales-can you help?

Summer is in full swing, yet after sitting out the garden enjoying the glorious weather we have been having lately, you’ve now decided that you want to enhance your garden, by having a Kingsley Garden Room built.

And after spending some time online looking for “garden room companies in Wales”- well, we might have just popped up, and when on our website, you may have spotted our expanding YouTube channel and noticed, that we do truly build garden rooms all over Wales, we can travel to the top of the Brecon Beacons, or our team will gladly supply you with a totally free, no-obligation written quotation in the capital of our fine country, that’s Cardiff.

We build large garden rooms, we also build garden buildings for smaller gardens, every single one of our buildings is made to order, this simply means that its tailor made, its therefore built and designed by us, and we then hand build the whole structure in your garden.

There are some companies that will deliver the garden room, in what’s commonly referred to as a flat pack form, where by a lorry lifts off the parts, then delivers instructions for the resident in Wales to build the structure themselves, although these buildings are somewhat cheaper on average, our company doesn’t build these structures, instead we are totally focused on the design and build of garden rooms that are made to order.

Therefore, homeowners all over Wales show us designs they like, whether that’s on our own well-built and designed website, from another company, where the homeowner might have been looking for Welsh garden rooms, liked a few of the designs, and these can be shown to our estimators, so our team can get back to you with a quote.

So, what’s so good about hiring us?

Well, the answers simple, if you want a summerhouse, or let’s say a garden building built, you have complete control over the whole design, once we know what you would like built, our team can build the structure, using our electricians, our roofers and carpenters, to build a really well-made, luxury structure, that’s made using really top-notch buildings materials.

Therefore, whether you’re walking around your garden now in say Llanishen Cardiff, or you own a property in Tenby or perhaps you own a house in Newport, and you’ve decided you want a luxury wooden building in your garden, then we are the company to call.

Garden rooms in Wales

Wales has so much countryside, and places of outstanding beauty, from the Bristol Channel and all the beaches and coastal walks.

This is not to mention the amount of homes set in rural settings here in Wales, so therefore, often many homeowners right across Wales now want a place to work, or a place to simply relax, that has large windows, and doors, so that the space becomes a relaxing space, plus you can take in the views of Wales.


Make it luxury

When a resident in Wales wants a really top-quality summerhouse, or indeed a luxury garden room built, well, there’s one name that springs to mind, that is Kingsley.

Now, you might well be thinking, well what makes our buildings luxury, and we will tell you.

What makes our buildings luxury is the very high levels of customer service, where we will meet with you, and make sure we understand the exact design that you want, plus, then its about the employees working for us, whether it’s the carpenters that cut and apply the hardwood cladding, it’s the electricians that wire multiple sockets, or it’s the roofing contractors that add the rubber roof, we simply employ a really hardworking and diligent team.

This means that we deliver Garden rooms in Wales, that are simply built to a really high-standard.

We also make sure we deliver quality on every contract, plus we build our garden rooms right throughout the entire year, so one week we could be Rogerstone Newport, the next week we could be in Cyncoed Cardiff, the following week we could be in The Mumbles in Swansea Wales, so our team of garden room installers do cover a massive area.

Designed the way you want, put your own stamp on it

Our customers don’t want a order online summerhouse that they have to put together themselves in the pouring rain. No, they want it designed and built the way they want, that’s why they hire Kingsley, our customers often know how they want their garden room built, from which colour the bi-folds should be, through to which cladding they want, right through to the exact shade of colour they want the walls painted with.

Many options

When you hire us to build your garden room Wales, we can offer the homeowner so many different choices, for example, this can range from different colour composite decking outside, to different cladding options, through to different colour aluminium doors.

Many homeowners therefore hire us simply because we can offer you a huge amount of choice, plus, because every aspect of the design is bespoke, you can tell us exactly how you want the building to be built, so for example, you might have a modern house in Swansea South Wales, its just been built, it has smooth rendered walls, aluminium windows, down lights, and you hire us to build a garden room that’s in the same style as the house, so we could offer you a modern design, for example a building which has

Why not call Kingsley today?

If you are thinking of having a garden rooms built, they why not call us?




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