What would your company describe as the main benefits of owning a garden building?


Often a homeowner will want a garden room built, but first they are evaluating how much use they will get out of the room. For example, it may cross the homeowners mind, well, will I just use the space a lot to start off with, but then the room become less used, or redundant?

However, from our experience, when a homeowner here in Cardiff has a garden building built by us, they have a room built for an exact purpose, like a home gym, a place to work from, or to act as a home bar, so what occurs is the place is often used by homeowners as regularly as clock-work, with the homeowner then thinking, that this is well used space.

Therefore, to help you visualise what you might use your garden room for, we have written this article, with help from the company’s management, just to state some of the common reasons for why we build our garden rooms, and also to provide some design ideas, for example, perhaps you want to workout more from home, but don’t have the space, but the main reason you need a garden building constructed is you really need more space to work, why compromise? Why have either or?

Why not have the best of both worlds, and have our designers over, to design a large garden room, complete with two rooms, one to be used as a home gym the other as a place to work from?  

First things first, we would say, properly evaluate the business to ensure you will be receiving a quality product

There are quite literally thousands of companies that now build garden rooms, some focus on being the cheapest, some only build their structures using the finest building materials.

What we believe offers the best value, is a company like Kingsley which uses good quality building materials, we always use experienced staff, plus we build high quality garden rooms for everyone of our customers. What our best advice to people thinking of purchasing a garden room is this, purchase quality.

This means make sure to ask the company can you visit a structure they have already built, normally if the company, say a business in Cardiff has a lot of satisfied customers, normally the previous customers would be more than happy to show the building, as it shows the quality of the workmanship and also shows that the business has satisfied customers. Here at Kingsley, we have many happy customers, they are based all over Cardiff too, from Cyncoed, through to Roath and Llanishen.

The views

Sometimes for some homeowners, the best views out over say countryside, the sea or even over an urban landscape can be seen best from the end of a garden, so why let all of those views go to waste?

Why not hire us to build a garden building, where we install large windows, so when you want to sit and relax, why not do so in your new garden building, which can be positioned in your garden, where you want, so you can enjoy the views that your home has to offer.

A quieter space to work

Whether you’re a freelance web developer, a employee of a company or someone who’s just starting out in business, what’s often needed is a quiet space, somewhere to answer work calls, and e-mails, a space that’s perfect for work, and this is what a Kingsley Garden Office can offer, we can build an insulated, large garden room, which can even come complete with air-conditioning, this means it’s the ideal space if you want to complete work.

More space without having to move out

A lot of people will not want to go through the hassle of moving house, yet, they may have already extended their home, so now they are looking at other options, which allows the family to create more space. One solution could be to invest in a garden room, as often there’s space in some gardens which are not used all that often.

For example, in Wales, a lot of homes have large gardens, so why not let us clear the old garage away, shed or even greenhouse, then we can then build a garden office or a garden room in its place. We have a large team, which means that often it doesn’t take us long to build your new garden room.

A place to unwind and relax without having to go out

A lot of residents in Cardiff want us to build a garden building so that it can be used a place to have a drink with friends. Often, we are asked to build a bar, add large televisions on the walls, and make an outdoor seating space, for example, where someone can sit on the decking outside the summerhouse.

A space to socialise

Often one of the most common reasons, why we are called is to build a large wooden summerhouse to be used as a place to socialise and relax. Therefore, all over Wales, from the Vale of Glamorgan, through to the mumbles in Swansea, often what is needed is a large building, a place where the homeowners can watch the rugby on the weekends, that has a large jacuzzi on the side, and also has spot lights all around it, so when the evening comes, it still becomes a place you want to go out, and enjoy a glass of wine.

A place to run a business from

Often many small business owners want to hand back the keys to rented office space, say that’s in the centre of Cardiff, and instead work from home, and have a large garden building built instead, as a place to work from, and have customers to visit as well. For example, the business owner may well be a wedding dress maker, web designer or even an architect, we can build a garden office built the way they want.

How we can help:

If you would like a luxury well-built garden room, built anywhere within Wales, from Swansea, through to Tenby and Cardiff, they why not call us? We can design the building, as well as construct it, for a no obligation quote, why not call us?