Will we be able to use our garden room during the winter?


We fully appreciate the fact that when most garden offices, as well as summerhouses are photographed, they are often pictured on a very bright summer’s day when the sun is beaming down and everything appears warm. This means, that this sometimes gives the impression that these buildings can only be used during the summer.

However, one of the most common uses for the buildings that we construct, is to use the space as a place of work, therefore we mostly build in Wales “garden offices” in homes right across South Wales.

This means one week we could be working on a garden building is the fantastic area of The Mumbles in Swansea, then the following week we could be in the heart of Cyncoed, Cardiff building a very large garden office.

We therefore know that people who purchase a Kingsley Garden Building, don’t just want to use it when the sun is out and the weather is nice, they want to working in their buildings right throughout the entire year. They therefore want a garden room that’s well insulated, built by experts, and has real high-quality aluminium windows and doors, correctly fitted, so the structure is better insulated.

For this to occur, the building needs to be well constructed, by highly skilled and talented carpenters, also quality installation needs to be used in the walls, and this needs to be accompanied by properly installed windows and doors, that’s exactly what we deliver.


We make sure that we supply and install quality windows and doors on every summerhouse / luxury garden room

The quality of the doors and also the aluminium windows can sometimes vary massively, some can be so cheaply and poorly built.

Therefore, what is needed is very high-quality bi-fold that is aluminium by windows and doors, that are very well made- that’s exactly what we can supply.

Will we still be able to work and use our garden office / room during the winter months?


Most certainly, when our estimator comes out to meet you in your garden, we can discuss with you all the various insulation options that we offer, there are many different options to pick from in terms of wall and ceiling insulation.

Each will have a different insulation property, however if you are planning on using the room throughout the entire year, you will need a high level of insulation, in the roofing and in the walls, to help you better regulate the temperature.  

We can therefore offer you many different insulation options


How well insulated are the walls?

We can offer you different options in terms of wall insulation, this is so you can better regulate the temperature within the building.


How do you ensure that you use quality windows and doors?

Some garden room companies focus overly on profit; therefore, they purchase their bi-folds sometimes and the cheapest supplier they can.

We take a totally different approach, we are constantly busy building our garden buildings and summerhouses right throughout Wales, that’s because we focus on quality and therefore have a very strong reputation for building well-made buildings, that are built using quality windows and doors, as well as roof lights if required.


Are you able to install a heater(s) for us?

Yes, you most certainly can, we can install a wall mounted heater for you.

We hear that it’s possible to have a heater that’s remote-controlled, are you able to offer this?

Sometimes an owner of a new wooden summerhouse will work from home, and they need the temperature to be warm enough inside the summerhouse to work in the building throughout the day.

You might wish to opt for a heater which can be controlled from your smartphone, you simply switch on their smartphone, and start to regulate the temperature in your garden office or room, so when they walk into the summerhouse, it’s nice and warm so you can instantly begin your work.

Therefore, you might wish to opt for an optional heater, which can be controlled from your smartphone.