Does your company build garden gyms?

Has your business built many garden gyms in Wales?

Here at Kingsley, we are seeing an increasing number of enquiries from customers, that want us to build a “garden gym”. Sometimes the homeowner will want just a space to put a few pieces of gym equipment such as treadmill, yet some buildings that we have constructed are very large, have a hot tub to the side and are sometimes are air conditioned.

A lot of our customers tell us that they no longer want to share gym equipment with other gym members, that’s to say they don’t want to go to a gym and use treadmills and the weightlifting equipment, such as dumbbells that have been used by somebody else that day.

Ever since Covid, we are therefore seeing a large increase in demand for our company to build garden gyms. Our team can work with you, to design a home gym, and we can then build the garden room anywhere in Wales.

A place to relax  

After a busy day at work, you might want a place where you can work out on your treadmill? Perhaps you would like to simply sit and relax in your hot tub? We are therefore building luxury summerhouses, which can a canopy to the side, then a hot-tub is placed underneath.

Some customers even have specialist outdoor speaker systems, so they can sit and relax in the hot tub out the garden and listen to their favourite music.

Many of our customers have therefore cancelled their gym memberships since Covid, and decided to build their own gym at home, which has the equipment that they want to use. You can therefore have the gym equipment you want, from free-weights, through to rowing machines.

There are many benefits to having your own gym equipment

Gyms can often be very large spaces full of the huge amount of different gym equipment, however sometimes some members of gyms only tend to use the same equipment on a regular basis.

For example, somebody might’s be used to finishing work, and then go running on the treadmill for a while followed by an hour say in a Jacuzzi. This might be some people’s routine, so when they do visit their gym, they might only use a few pieces of equipment, which means that they may have the space in their own garden to build their own gym.

You can work out in your garden room day or night  

What can often be off-putting from going to a gym, is having to sometimes commute through traffic to get there, this can sometimes be time consuming.

So arguably on a cold winter’s night, sometimes it’s simply easier just to put off that work out and to instead do something else. This is when you here some people say, “I have a gym membership, but I haven’t been in months”- so, the important question is, would you be more inclined to do more regular workouts, if the gym equipment was at home?

And if it’s a long drive to your current gym, think of the time you might save, not to mention the diesel or petrol you might use on your drive there?

You don’t have to share gym equipment no more

Since Covid, a lot of our customers have said that they simply don’t want to spend prolonged periods of time at their gym, and they don’t want to use shared equipment such as free weights. This has meant that they now want a garden room company, like Kingsley to build a home gym for them.

Fresh air

Some gyms can be enclosed spaces which may not have many windows, and sometimes have air conditioning or air that flows through a ventilation system. Yet, sometimes the person paying the membership can’t open the windows to allow fresh air to flow in as they would like.

However, by owning your own garden gym, you can regulate the temperature and the fresh air as much as you like. For example, you might want bi-folds, which can be opened fully say during the summer, you may want electric heaters to raise the temperate in the winter, you may also want large windows, to allow a breeze to flow in as you work out.


Often in a gym where there is a lot of people, may gym members will use their own music equipment and headphones.

However, when you own your own garden gym, you can do away with wearing headphones and have your own speaker system playing your favourite music.

A lot of our customers therefore like the fact that they can turn up the volume on their television and watch it while working out, or simply play their favourite music throughout the building rather than having to listen to it via headphones.



Another factor which means that a lot of people are purchasing our garden gyms is because we can offer to also install air-conditioning.


You can combine a room for gym equipment and space to do yoga

We find that yoga is very popular among our customers, therefore sometimes a gym area needs to be built and then a partition, this is so that a separate space can be used for yoga.


How our garden room business in Wales can help:


Do you need a garden room built in Wales?  

Whether you want to use the space as a gym, or as a yoga room or perhaps even as a place to work then we can help.

Our designers can work with you, so that we build your perfect garden room for you.