Which cladding options do you offer?



We have already built many garden rooms here in Wales, we are a business that’s focused on building very high-quality wooden summerhouses.

When we build your new summerhouse in Wales, you can pick from so many different options, from having sky-lights installed in the roof, through to different exterior LED lightening options.

Which cladding you choose will greatly change the appearance of your garden room, so for example, if you wanted a summerhouse which is contemporary looking, then you might opt for exterior cladding, which is made using composite cladding boards, and is grey or a light blue in colour?

Yet, sometimes, a customer won’t want a modern garden room, they will want a building clad with a natural wood, that’s a hardwood. We can offer you many different types of wood cladding, as this article will explain, there are a huge range of different options to choose from.

One of the most expensive parts, in terms of building a Cardiff garden room, is the cladding.

There are cheaper options, for example, sometimes the back of the garden room is rarely seen by the owners, that’s because the whole building is positioned so close to the garden fence, in this case, you might want to opt for metal sheet cladding at the back.

We are now going to explain some of your options, we will also talk-about some of the more popular options, and this will give you a much better understanding of the exterior cladding options we offer, if we were to build your new summerhouse here in the city of Cardiff.

Red Cedar (Hardwood Exterior Cladding)

By a country mile, the most popular exterior cladding that our customers choose is “red cedar” cladding. It’s a very popular option, sometimes, if you have a larger budget, we can clad the whole building using this.

Often however, to keep costs lower, the customer will tell us, to clad the front elevation using red cedar wood. Then at the sides, and the back, sometimes green colour metal sheet cladding is used, as this can help to reduce costs.

Pine wood

Pine is a softwood, its therefore often cheaper than many hardwoods, therefore if you’re looking for an inexpensive option, then you may want to opt for a pine wood cladding.

Composite Cladding

A lot of our customers are now increasingly opting for “composite cladding”- this type of cladding, for your summerhouse comes in a large range of different colour options.

The most popular colours are a light blue shade, or grey cladding, once added, this gives a very modern look to the garden room. We can also add outdoor LED lighting to the decking, and to the canopy, so at night, the whole building can be illuminated.

Many hardwood options


We can offer you a large range of natural wood cladding, for example, there’s a large range of timber cladding, such as oak or beech cladding, as well as softwoods, such as pine.

Sometimes, because hardwoods are expensive, the customer will just have the front clad with timber the rest will be metal sheeting.


Composite decking and cladding

We are often asked to extend the front of our garden rooms, by constructing decking, using composite decking. This decking can come in different colours, and the customer will often want the decking to match the cladding, therefore we can offer you different colours, and install the decking and the cladding so that they match.


We want a large garden room built, yet, what’s the most affordable cladding option that you offer?

Some of the timber summerhouses that we build are very large rooms, for example, we are often being asked on a regular basis to build rooms to be used as a home gym.

Sometimes, the homeowner will want to add a lot of gym equipment inside the garden room, and also have space for other items in their gym, such as room for many dumbbells.

This means that the room often needs to be very large, sometimes in the shape of an L, therefore if the room so to be clad with a hardwood, such as red cedar wood, well, this might sometimes substantially increase the cost of the construction, simply because this type of timber is very expensive.

Therefore, when we meet with you, we can talk about less expensive options, such as, where possible using metal cladding, or cheaper wood options.

We can therefore suggest different design options for you.

How much do garden rooms cost in Wales?


Some companies that build garden rooms in Wales do sometimes offer fixed costs, for example, they may offer a brochure, which shows the summerhouse, and the different sizes, then next to each size is the cost.

However, here at Kingsley, we instead offer quotes after we have listened to what the customer wants, and we have visited the garden. For example, building a garden room on a slope, is going to involve more construction work, than if the building is to be built on a concrete slab that might already exist due to a garage being demolished.

Therefore we will need to meet with you in your garden, to see the ground, and if its suitable to build on, or whether some landscaping work, such as removing old bushes, or levelling the ground is needed, prior to us constructing the building.

Then, because we offer so many different options, such as different cladding, different air-conditioning systems, different doors, different roofing, different decking, and also different internal flooring options, we will need to know which options you want, so that we can calculate an estimate for you.

Thinking of having a garden room built in Wales?

Here in Wales we do have beautiful scenery, whether its countryside as far as the eye can see, sea views, or you may look out onto woodland, often a homeowner here in Wales, will want a garden room built, to work in, or as a place to relax. We have built many summerhouses in Wales, and offer very competitive prices.

What if I am unsure as to which composite or timber cladding to opt for?

Our estimators can meet with you, and we can show you some of the many garden rooms and summerhouses that we have already constructed here in Wales.

You may then see a summerhouse that we have already built in Wales that you like the design of , we will be able to tell you which cladding that is, and then we can offer you a quote.

If your thinking of having a wooden summerhouse built in Wales, then why not call us?