Garden Rooms Penarth, The Vale of Glamorgan

Here at Kingsley Garden Rooms we specialise in building luxurious garden rooms all over Wales.

In recent years, we have been building more of our garden buildings in the great Victorian town of Penarth.


Most of the garden rooms we have already built in Penarth have come from recommendations, that’s because we simply build garden buildings to a very high standard. Our highly skilled joiners, electricians and roofers all work hard on every build, to ensure that when we build a wooden garden room that its built to a very high standard.

Therefore from Victorian houses that over look the Bristol Channel, through to new-build houses in Penarth, we have built many summerhouses In The Vale of Glamorgan already.

Here’s some of the popular uses for our garden rooms:

–        As a home gym

–        As a cinema room

–        As a place of work

Bespoke garden rooms

What makes us different from some other summerhouse companies is the fact that all of our buildings are bespoke.

This simply means that we have joiners that build our summerhouses to the design that you want built, rather than the buildings being constructed in a factory, and then the customer might be asked to choose from a selection of options, rather than the garden room being tailor made.

Always tailor made

Having a garden room in Penarth, that’s tailor made means that you can pick from so many options when you hire us, for example, some customers opt to have large composite decking outside. This means when the good weather does come, you will have an additional place to sit outside your summerhouse and enjoy the sunshine.

Some customers opt for air-conditioning, some have heaters, and we can also build different rooms for you.

For example, a popular design is to have say 75% of the space dedicated to being say an office space, yet then the remaining amount, to have a side room, for storage, so for example to have a room where mountain bikes can be stored.

Another popular design is to opt for high-quality aluminium bi-folding doors fitted to the garden room.

The reason so many people opt to have bi-folding doors on their summerhouse in Penarth is because there’s some great views in The Vale of Glamorgan, for example the home might look out over countryside, over the Bristol Channel, or for example over Cardiff Bay, as far as the eye can see, so often our customers want their garden room set in a position in their room has a good view.

On a number of the garden buildings that we have constructed, we have raised the room, and built composite or wooden steps up to the building. This is so that the homeowner has their garden room in a raised position, which sometimes positions the room, so that the owner has a better view, we would need to meet you in your garden, to see if this is suitable for your build in Penarth.

We don’t have rear lane access, just side-gate access

A lot of homes in Penarth sometimes don’t have rear lane access, often we can transport the building materials, such as the wood, the windows and the other items such as roofing materials and plasterboard via the side of the house.

When our estimator meets with you, we can see if we have enough access for us to carry the building items at the side of the house.

If a concrete base is required for your new summerhouse, then we would also need to consider whether we have enough road access to allow a concrete pour, or whether another option might be better, such as using what a ground screw.

How long will it take you to build a wooden summerhouse?

This will depend on the size of the building that’s being built, as well as access, for example, if we can drive near the building, in order to offload building materials then this can help to speed up how long it takes us to construct the building.

How do you ensure that you keep quality high?

Here at Kingsley, we employ many joiners which are highly experienced, this means that when we build a luxury wooden summerhouse, in Penarth, The Vale of Glamorgan, we are able to build the structure to a very high standard.

All of the woodwork, such as building the structural timbers, adding the composite cladding or hardwood cladding, of softwood cladding, will be completed to a high standard.

Because we have carpenters building our garden rooms in Wales, this means, that the floor joists, and other items will also be constructed to a high standard. We also only ever purchase quality building materials, so you can be totally rest assured, that everything from the structural timber, through to the flooring, and the cladding, will be high-quality.

Do you just build Penarth garden rooms?

We build garden rooms all across Wales, mostly our company works in areas such as Cardiff and Penarth, yet we do travel to build our summerhouses far and wide across the UK. We have a very strong reputation for building quality, which means that we build timber buildings for businesses and homeowners.

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