Planning on working from home more often? Do you need a garden office built?



Its fair to say that there’s been massive disruption to people lives and businesses during covid, one of the biggest changes is where people now work.

Some businesses prior to covid may have had all of their staff at a large national office, yet now, have instructed staff to work from home more often.

For a lot of people therefore being stuck in traffic jams, and having to be at an office for 9 am weekdays, well, is now a thing of the past, as they’re now working from home much more often.

Yet, working from home has sometimes brought its own problems, for example, working from the kitchen table, or on the sofa, well, it’s less than ideal.

What’s often needed is a space that can be used for work, that’s quiet, and ideally can be closed at the end of working day. A lot of people therefore that have made the switch to working from home, have hired us to build a “garden office”.

In this article, we will explain why we have been hired by so many homeowners, that’s in the town of Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, and in Cardiff, as their chose garden room company, to build a high-quality garden office for them.


Well insulated

We think one of your top considerations when hiring a company to build a garden office is, which insulation are they going use?

We say that because quite often the owner will be working in the building during the summer and the winter. Garden rooms, unless they are well-built and correctly insulated, can be extremely cold, so therefore, whichever company you hire, we would recommend that time is spent discussing the insulation they are going to use, plus, the options they offer to allow you to also heat the room.


The base

Its really critical that you get a high-quality base built prior to the summerhouse being constructed, sometimes a summerhouse is built on a base that’s not suitable, the summerhouse can therefore sometimes move, becoming damaged, or just sometimes the ingress of water from the ground means the wooden base become rotten.

The base therefore needs to be correctly built, using concrete, and other building materials, or sometimes using “ground screws”- what should happen is, the company should come out and look at your garden, and recommend the best method, considering drainage, and also making sure the base is built to a high-standard.


The roof

This is another area which the homeowner must think about, that is, sometimes summerhouses are offered for really cheap prices, yet, if the build is not quality, well, it might be a poor-quality construction, which in time suffers from ingress of water and is unusable.

The roof if key to a high-quality build, we often use “rubber roofs”- yet these do need to be laid by an experienced roofer, as if not, its possible the wood underneath will rot.

We therefore mainly use rubber roofs, experienced roofers, and to support the roof our carpenters use quality wood.


Are you looking for a company which builds garden offices?

We have built many garden offices, if you would like a quote, why not call us?

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