How much do your wooden summerhouses cost?


We build summerhouses right across South Wales, yet because every single summerhouse we build is bespoke, this means that the cost of our summerhouses can vary quite a bit.

This article is therefore going to discuss, some of the options which can increase the cost, also it will explain why so many homeowners in Wales hire us to construct their summerhouse, because here at Kingsley, we have a very strong reputation for building very high quality garden buildings, which are constructed by experienced joiners in Wales.


The base


If ground screws can be used, then this can sometimes lower the cost of our summerhouses.

That’s because ground screws are cheaper and quicker than laying a concrete slab, plus also when laying a concrete slab, the concrete will sometimes need to be brought in via wheel-barrows, and sometimes a lot of staff need to do this, as the concrete truck needs to offload quickly.

So, laying a concrete slab at the end of the garden, is normally the more expensive option, rather than opting for ground screws.




If the ground is level, ready for construction, then not much landscaping work is needed, which means the quote will be lower.

However, sometimes the end of a garden will need to be levelled, or  have soil removed, via a mini-digger, and dumper, which will increase the cost, as more plant and labour will be needed.


The size of the summerhouse

As you would expect, the size of the summerhouse will effect the price. Yet, here at Kingsley, because every summerhouse we build in Wales will be bespoke, we can make your summerhouse any size you like, so this is quite different to some summerhouse companies, where you might have say five different sizes to pick from.



We offer so many optional extras to choose from, for example, some customers add a toilet, shower and wash-hand basin, some add air conditioning, others want underfloor heating, when we build your summerhouse, there’s so many different options to choose from.



We can offer low-cost external cladding options, such as choosing metal sheet cladding, yet there’s much more expensive options, such as a range of hardwood options, such as oak, red cedar and beech.

Hardwoods, such as red cedar, is a very expensive type of wood to purchase, so this will increase the cost of the built. Yet, if you want a more cheaper option, we can offer pine, or metal sheeting.


The bi-folds

A large cost when building any summerhouse, will be the aluminium bi-folding doors, so, if the summerhouse is very large, and you want aluminium bi-folding doors to fit the entire front of your garden room, then this can mean that the doors are rather expensive, and can increase the cost of the build by sometimes quite a lot.


Air conditioned

A lot our customers want to use the summerhouse as a home office, therefore they need to be able to cool the summerhouse, when its rather warm outside, therefore, often our customers want a top-brand of air conditioning installed, this will increase the cost of the summerhouse.



We only build high-quality roofs, the vast majority of the roofs that we build, are rubber roofs, which are built by highly experienced roofers.

When your shopping around for quotes, it’s definitely worth asking the summerhouse company which roof they have included in the quote. You want a high-quality roof, thats installed to a high-standard, like a rubber roof, as some summerhouses can have substandard roofs,  which means as soon as heavy rain comes, the water can sometimes rot the timber boards that support the roof, meaning the summerhouse becomes damaged.

This is why we only employ highly experienced roofers, which build our rubber roofs, plus we make sure that when we build the roof, we use good quality timber.



A lot of our customers ask us to build a side canopy to one of the sides of the garden room, often this is used to provide a roof for a hot-tub to be placed beneath. Our electricians can also add LED lighting to the canopy.

Sometimes the canopy is also used as a place to add a coffee table and chairs, it therefore can provide some shelter, if you want to dine outdoors.



A lot of our customers ask us to build composite decking, sometimes the decking will have steps which lead up to the summerhouse. The decking can make a great outdoor area to sit and have a coffee, we can build decking out the front of your new summerhouse, or completely all the way around


Free quotes on summerhouses in Wales

Here at Kingsley, we have estimators that can visit your garden, and offer you a free quote anywhere in South Wales. So, if you want a garden office built, so you have a place to work during the week, or a summerhouse constructed, so that you can watch the football, with a beer on the weekends, why not call us?

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