Seven ways you could enjoy your garden even more with one of our luxury garden rooms


It’s fair to say that here in Great Britain, a lot of us don’t tend to use our gardens all that much during the autumn and winter months.

Our gardens may therefore just collect a lot of leaves, and not get much use throughout the colder seasons.

However, with that said, often when we talk to our customers here in Wales, to make sure that they are happy with a garden room, they often tell us that they are now using their garden so much more.

Therefore we thought we would write an article, stating the main seven purposes our customers use their garden buildings for.

You may therefore get some food for thought, and also want our team of joiners to start building you a luxury summerhouse as well.


Number one

A place to work


By a country mile, the main reason that we get asked to build a garden building, is so that the homeowner has a place to work.

The customer might be a self-employed architect, through to an artist, and they need a room built so that they have a place to work from.

Our customers tell us that at the end of their garden in Cardiff, might have been an old garage or wooden shed, we have then demolished this for the customer.

Then in it’s place, we have built a wooden garden building, which is used as a place to work in, and our customers often tell us, that they are now getting a lot more use out of their garden right throughout the year. We can also offer air-conditioning, and electric heaters, so the room can be used in winter and summer.


Number two


A home bar

We have found that a lot of our customers want a place where they can enjoy a cold glass of beer or a glass of wine after work. Often the garden room is sometimes used as a place to watch the rugby the football as well.


Number three

As a home gym

A very popular reason for having one of our garden rooms built, is because the homeowner wants to improve their fitness, and therefore wants to therefore have a home gym built.

Our customers often tell us, they haven’t got the time to travel to a gym after work, yet having one at the end of their garden now means that is much more convenient for them to use the home gym when they would like.


Reason four

As a yoga room


We find that a lot of our customers in Wales enjoy meditation and yoga, therefore another popular reason for why they ask us to build a garden building, is to use it as a dedicated space for exercising.


Reason five

Just as a place to read a book

A lot of our customers tell us, that they want a space where they can simply go and relax while reading a book.

Our customers often tell us, that they like the fact that they can hear the birds in their garden, yet overall the garden room, is a quiet place to go and read.


Reason six

A room for your hobby

Whether your hobby is to build Lego, to collect mountain bikes, or simply to paint an oil painting, another common reason why we asked to build a Cardiff garden room, is simply because the homeowner wants a place where they can go and relax.


Reason seven

As a guest bedroom

Often our customers tell us, that they want family and friends to stay over, yet there might not be much space within their house.


Yet, the property might have a large enough garden, so that our team of joiners, can start to build you a summerhouse, or a large garden building, so that can be used as a place for guests to stay over.


Quality Cardiff summerhouses

Whether you therefore want a summerhouse built as a place to enjoy a glass of wine during the summer, or you wish to use the garden room as a place to work every single day during the week, we can build you a high-quality garden room for you in Wales.


We build summerhouses in:



– The Vale of Glamorgan, Penarth, Cowbridge and Barry


We have already built many luxury summerhouses right throughout the city of Cardiff, and also across South Wales.


We offer free and totally no obligation quotes- so why not call our company today?





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