Our designers can create 3-D drawings


Many of our customers opt for us to design 3-D drawings to be created of their new garden room or summerhouse.

For a low fee, our designers can create a set of 3-D drawings, which will show you how the building will look from the side and front elevations.


Why have 3-D drawings created before we build your summerhouse?

Every single garden room that we construct, here within the city of Cardiff, is tailor-made to the way that you want it to be built. This means there are hundreds of different options to pick from, from different lighting options, through to different colour for the frames of the doors.

For example, we can offer different types of cladding, which can greatly change the appearance of the whole building, we offer composite cladding, which can come in a massive range of colours, even some which are made to look like real wood, we also offer an option that is a grey colour, which makes building look modern.

Yet, a lot of people want us to build a more traditional looking summerhouse, so they opt for hardwood cladding, such as using red cedar wood, which is very popular option, its used on most of the garden rooms that we construct here in Wales.

Therefore our 3-D drawings can give you a real good idea for how the wooden building will look, and of course you might wish to have alterations made to design of summerhouse, before the construction starts.


Low cost 3-D drawings

All of our 3-D drawings are offered at a low cost, therefore you can see what the summerhouse will look like, before our joiners start to build the building.

Some companies don’t offer this option, so it might be that for some customers they don’t have 3-D drawings created if they were to choose another company.

So, what’s the 3-D drawings allow is for you to get a visual representation of what the building will look like, before our builders start to construct the summerhouse.

Sometimes our customers then come back to us and say they don’t want bi-folding doors, they want French doors instead, or doors which are built by our joiners.

They may also come back to us and say want differing wooden cladding, or that they don’t want a rectangular shape garden room, instead they wish to have a triangular shape for example.


Quick turnarounds

We note that for a lot of our customers, when they have made the decision that they want a garden room made, that they then don’t want to wait a long time for the construction company to build it, they may want it built as quick as possible.

Therefore, to allow our builders to start constructing the garden room as soon as possible, we fully understand that you will want the 3-D drawings created as soon as possible.

Therefore, our designers will work hard to get the 3-D drawings back to you as soon as possible.

Why not get your garden room built by us?

We have already built a large number of garden rooms in Wales, often the first part of the process, is to have our designers design the 3-D drawings.

Therefore, one of our estimators can come out and meet you in your garden, and we can talk you through all of the different options that our garden room company can offer you.

If you do not want 3-D drawings, then we can offer you a free quote.

If you would like 3-D drawings created by our garden room designers, then we can offer these at a low price.

To arrange a convenient time for us to come and offer you a quote, why not give us a call?




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