What will you use your garden room for here in Wales?




Our luxury summerhouses, and also our garden rooms built here in Wales are used for so many different uses.

From a place to watch the football on the weekends with friends, through to being a large room, which is air-conditioned, has a toilet, wash hand basin and side room for making hot drinks, and used as a home office.

Our customers therefore use their garden rooms here in Wales for so many reasons, from running a small business, through to a place to store your wines in large glass fridges, where you can go on a summers evening and enjoy a nice glass of rose wine.

So, what do most of our customers use their garden rooms in Wales for?

We have chatted to our company director, about what our garden rooms are mostly used for:

A place to work

By far the most common reason why a garden room is needed, is the homeowner has moved to working from home, or might well be starting a company, and now need a home office.

These rooms are sometimes called garden offices, and we have built a lot of these, we have constructed such wooden buildings in areas like Penarth, which is in the Vale of Glamorgan, through to Cardiff areas, right through to Newport.

The rooms can be built to any size that you like, they can be fitted with air-conditioning, we also have plumbers which can install a toilet, a wash hand basin, and can install taps, so you have a place to go and make teas and coffee while you work.

So, by far, the most common reason why we are asked to build garden rooms in Wales, is so the wooden building can be used as a place to work from.

If you want a garden office built in Wales, no matter if you live in Vale of Glamorgan, Newport or Cardiff, why not call us?

As a place to have a beer / glass of wine and watch sporting events, such as the rugby or the football, or say boxing

Here in Britain, we all like to watch sports, whether that’s watching the Wales rugby team play a match, the Cardiff football team, or perhaps to watch the boxing? This is why so many customers ask us to build a garden room here in Wales, that’s large enough to have friends around, enjoy a beer, wine or say a whiskey, while watching the game.

We can help build a large garden room; our electricians can add the plug sockets where you want.

We have built some truly large summerhouses in Wales

Therefore, if you want a large garden room, where you can place a sofa, have a huge television to watch the football, and maybe even a bar, built by our joiners, then why not call us?

We can build you a very high-quality luxury summerhouse in Wales.

Simply as a place to read a good book

Another common reason why we are asked to build a summerhouse, is because the homeowner simply wants a place to go and read a book.

We have therefore built many summerhouses, which have comfortable sofa, and a lot of natural light, coming through large windows, and also possibly a book shelf bult by us, so that this become a place for you to go and relax while reading your favourite books


Do you want a luxury summerhouse built in Wales?

We build summerhouses, garden rooms, and garden offices in Wales, we can meet you in your garden, and offer you a free quote.

To arrange for us to build you a summerhouse, why not give us a ring?

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