10 things to consider when purchasing a summerhouse


1. where will you place your summerhouse in your garden?



Where do you want your summerhouse to be located?

Where the summerhouse is located might be obvious for some homeowners, yet others need to think about where the sun is most of the day, as well as how flat the garden is, also whether an electrical supply can be brought to the building.




2. Size



How big do you want your summerhouse to be? Will it be used for entertaining guests, if so, then you might want a large building or is it simply a place to do yoga for example?  Also think about whether you want an l-shaped garden room, as this may sometimes allow you to get more from the room that you have.



3. Budget



Our summerhouses can vary significantly in price, so it’s important to set a budget before calling a garden room company.

That’s because sometimes we will work to a set price that the customer had in mind.

So decide how much you are willing to spend and then we can recommend different cladding, roofing and door options to suit your budget.



4. Material



Summerhouses are typically have a timber exterior, but they can also be constructed from metal sheets or composite cladding. Consider the look you want to achieve and the level of maintenance required when making your selection.

That’s because hardwoord cladding, such as red cedar wood does require some maintenance.



5. Insulation



If you plan to use your summerhouse all year-round, then insulation is a very important consideration for example you might want air-conditioning added to your building.

In winter you may want us to install electric heaters.




6.  bar area

A lot of our wooden summerhouses are often used as a place to simply relax, and to watch the football, so why not also have us build a bar?






7. sofas

A lot of our customers want to place a large sofa in the summerhouse, so do make sure that you have enough space for your furniture.




Plug sockets



If you plan to have say a television within your summerhouse, make sure that there are enough plug sockets for all of your other items.




9. Windows and doors



Think about how many windows you want, and what type of doors you would like.

We can offer doors made from wood, aluminium or upvc.


10. Roofing



We can offer different types of roofing, for example, the roof can be made from rubber, fibreglass or felt.



11. Flooring



The flooring within your summerhouse should be hard wearing.

We would recommend opting for a hard wood floor.

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