Are your garden rooms insulated?

If you’re looking for a garden room or office, that’s insulated, then you have come to the right place.

We can offer to add insulation to your garden room, and there are a lot of different options we can offer.

You will want a  warm and comfortable space, that’s to say a garden room you can use all year round, this is why many people hire us to build there summerhouse.


Here at Kingsley, we can offer the following options


–        Quality insulation

–        Air conditioning

–        Electric heaters


So here are just a few of the benefits of choosing an insulated garden room, that’s built by Kingsley


Helps to keep the building warm


This may sound rather obvious point, but here’s the thing, a lot of summerhouses sometimes have no insulation at all.

That’s to say, that cheap garden room bought online, well, sometimes might not have any insulation, so come winter it might be too cold to use.

Some really cheap summerhouses have the same thickness in the walls as a garden fence, which means keeping them warm in winter is very difficult and expensive, because of the energy needed to heat the room.

The solution is therefore to have a garden room built, which can quality panel insulation in the walls.

That’s to say inbetween the structural timbers, wall insulation should be added.

If a quality insulation is used, then this can help to make the room easier to heat in winter, but also, help you to better regulate the temperature. That’s because the problem with summerhouses with no insulation is, as soon as the heater is switched off, the room can cool back down too  quick.

So whichever Cardiff garden room business you hire, make sure in the quote, they include adding insulation.


Cooler in the summer


Insulated garden rooms and offices also are easier to cool in the summer, thanks to their insulation.

We can also add an air-conditioning system, so you can quickly cool the room as well.

Its important to know, that good quality insulation is not therefore just useful during the colder months, that’s because in the summer, if the room is not insulated, then it can be too hot, bit like being in a warm wooden shed.

So, this is why insulation needs to be added, so you can use the garden building in the summer and the winter.


Simply more energy efficient


A well insulated garden room is simply better for the environment, and also your bank balance.

We say that because if you purchase a summerhouse that has no insulation, they heating it can be very difficult.

Also with the cost of energy, it’s a good idea that the garden room is well insulated, we achieve this by either using fibreglass, or by adding panels in the wall.

If we add insulation panels, these are behind the plasterboard, and are in between the structural timbers.

So once the garden room has been painted and decorated, you cant see the wall insulation, but it will be effective in terms of making the room more energy efficient.

Now considering that you may work full time in your garden office, it’s important that it a comfortable room for you to work throughout the year, it must also be energy efficient to help you save money on your energy bills as well. This is exactly what Kingsley can offer.


What makes our garden rooms suitable for use all-year-round?

Our garden rooms are made from high-quality building materials that are designed to withstand the elements.  

In addition, all of our garden rooms come with double-glazed windows and doors, which helps to further improve thermal efficiency.

If you are thinking of having a garden room built in Bristol, that you can use all year round, then why not call us?