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Here at Kingsley Garden Rooms we create luxurious summerhouses and wooden outbuildings.

We create bespoke structures that will enhance any garden and offer a great place to relax or work from.

We only use the best quality wood and materials when building our summerhouses and wooden garden rooms.

Our brand is now synonymous with offering high-quality workmanship and creating high end outdoor living space.

Our business covers Cardiff and the whole of South Wales as well as the whole of The Vale of Glamorgan.

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Meet the Team

Kingsley Hyden

Kingsley Hyden


Kingsley Hyden is the company owner who formed Kingsley Garden Rooms.

Kingsley now has over 8 years’ experience improving gardens right across South Wales and the South West.

Kingsley started his business building hardwood and garden fencing, since then the business has branched out.

After being asked by customers whether the business can also build summerhouses, Kingsley decided to start his own business dedicated to building luxury garden rooms.

We have now built summerhouses and garden rooms of all sizes across a wide area.

The company ethos is based around offering a quality product and offering friendly customer service.




Seb Hyden is Kingsley’s brother. Seb helps to ensure we build a high-quality product every single time we handover a garden room to a customer.

Seb is fanatical over the finer details, which is a skillset that we need.

Seb’s helps us to build high-quality and luxurious spaces.

So, whether you need a garden room to relax and enjoy yoga within, or maybe a place to work?

You can rest assured that every aspect of the build will be to a high-standard due to Seb’s high standards.




Josh is a highly skilled carpenter who has a clear passion for what he does.

Not only that, Josh makes work enjoyable through his “can-do” attitude that every customer appreciates.

Where a lot of workers just “want to get the job done”- Josh takes a different road, that’s to say Josh believes “we don’t leave until the jobs done right”.

This means that we have a team that focuses on delivering quality, not just because that’s what the customer expects, its because he wants to deliver a product that we he’s proud to put his name to.

Maverick Hyden

Maverick Hyden

Quality Control

Maverick is Kingsley’s son. Maverick currently holds the job title of “quality control inspector”- will the job get the thumbs up or the thumbs down is the all-important question?

Seb and Josh often look on anxiously as the decision is made whether the work is completed to high standard.