What is a garden room and what are they often used for?

A garden room is quite simply a type of building, that’s often used as a garden office, a home gym or simply just as a place to go and relax within your garden.

It is usually single-storeyed and made from timber. Garden Rooms are becoming increasingly popular as they can provide extra living space without the need of saying having to extend your home.

Garden Rooms can be used for a wide variety of different purposes, such as a place for your hobby such as oil painting, playing an instrument or perhaps even maintaining your mountain bikes.

Garden buildings are often used also as a home office, a place to do yoga, or just as a place to watch a sporting event on the weekend.

They are often glazed, that’s to let in lots of natural light flood into the room and some even have really large bi-folding doors that open out onto the garden.

If you are thinking about having a garden room built, and you live in Cardiff, Penarth or Barry then it is important to choose a reputable company who specialise in this type of construction work, that’s why so many homeowners choose Kingsley. We have built many summerhouses.

We will be able to advise you on the different wooden summerhouse options that we offer, and when you choose Kingsley to build your new garden room, you will be ensuring that the whole construction is built to our high standards.

What are our Garden Rooms most commonly used for?

Garden rooms are very popular right across U.K as they offer a versatile space that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Whether you want to use it as an extra living room, home office, a room for say mediation, a garden room can be the perfect solution.

We have built many summerhouses, and we can offer you many options, such as air-conditioning, underfloor heating and electric radiators.

If we were to request a quote, what information do you need?

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right summerhouse or garden room, such as the size of the building that you want, style and your budget.

If you are looking for somewhere to go and relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then a garden room could be ideal choice, our company is always building garden rooms in areas like Penarth, In the Vale of Glamorgan, sometimes therefore there might be a slight wait of a few weeks before we can start a new construction. Our busiest time is during the summer.

Garden office

If you work from home, then a garden room can provide the ideal space to concentrate on your work.

With no distractions from family or pets, you can get on with what you need to do in peace.

There are a few things to bear in mind when deciding what to use your garden room for and how you want the style of the summerhouse to look.

Firstly, consider the amount of space you have available in your garden, some gardens in Cardiff might be on a slope, so we would need to visit your garden, and advise how we can construct a summerhouse on a gradient or just to offer advice on which shape building might be best suited to your home. We can build triangular, rectangular or a square summerhouses.

Secondly, think about what kind of wooden cladding that you want (pine, red cedar, oak), whether you want outdoor lighting or not, and other things to think about are, how large do you want the windows to be?

How Can I Find Out More about your Garden Buildings?

If you’re interested in learning more about our garden buildings, then why not call us?

Our designers can create 3-D drawings


Many of our customers opt for us to design 3-D drawings to be created of their new garden room or summerhouse.

For a low fee, our designers can create a set of 3-D drawings, which will show you how the building will look from the side and front elevations.


Why have 3-D drawings created before we build your summerhouse?

Every single garden room that we construct, here within the city of Cardiff, is tailor-made to the way that you want it to be built. This means there are hundreds of different options to pick from, from different lighting options, through to different colour for the frames of the doors.

For example, we can offer different types of cladding, which can greatly change the appearance of the whole building, we offer composite cladding, which can come in a massive range of colours, even some which are made to look like real wood, we also offer an option that is a grey colour, which makes building look modern.

Yet, a lot of people want us to build a more traditional looking summerhouse, so they opt for hardwood cladding, such as using red cedar wood, which is very popular option, its used on most of the garden rooms that we construct here in Wales.

Therefore our 3-D drawings can give you a real good idea for how the wooden building will look, and of course you might wish to have alterations made to design of summerhouse, before the construction starts.


Low cost 3-D drawings

All of our 3-D drawings are offered at a low cost, therefore you can see what the summerhouse will look like, before our joiners start to build the building.

Some companies don’t offer this option, so it might be that for some customers they don’t have 3-D drawings created if they were to choose another company.

So, what’s the 3-D drawings allow is for you to get a visual representation of what the building will look like, before our builders start to construct the summerhouse.

Sometimes our customers then come back to us and say they don’t want bi-folding doors, they want French doors instead, or doors which are built by our joiners.

They may also come back to us and say want differing wooden cladding, or that they don’t want a rectangular shape garden room, instead they wish to have a triangular shape for example.


Quick turnarounds

We note that for a lot of our customers, when they have made the decision that they want a garden room made, that they then don’t want to wait a long time for the construction company to build it, they may want it built as quick as possible.

Therefore, to allow our builders to start constructing the garden room as soon as possible, we fully understand that you will want the 3-D drawings created as soon as possible.

Therefore, our designers will work hard to get the 3-D drawings back to you as soon as possible.

Why not get your garden room built by us?

We have already built a large number of garden rooms in Wales, often the first part of the process, is to have our designers design the 3-D drawings.

Therefore, one of our estimators can come out and meet you in your garden, and we can talk you through all of the different options that our garden room company can offer you.

If you do not want 3-D drawings, then we can offer you a free quote.

If you would like 3-D drawings created by our garden room designers, then we can offer these at a low price.

To arrange a convenient time for us to come and offer you a quote, why not give us a call?




Seven ways you could enjoy your garden even more with one of our luxury garden rooms


It’s fair to say that here in Great Britain, a lot of us don’t tend to use our gardens all that much during the autumn and winter months.

Our gardens may therefore just collect a lot of leaves, and not get much use throughout the colder seasons.

However, with that said, often when we talk to our customers here in Wales, to make sure that they are happy with a garden room, they often tell us that they are now using their garden so much more.

Therefore we thought we would write an article, stating the main seven purposes our customers use their garden buildings for.

You may therefore get some food for thought, and also want our team of joiners to start building you a luxury summerhouse as well.


Number one

A place to work


By a country mile, the main reason that we get asked to build a garden building, is so that the homeowner has a place to work.

The customer might be a self-employed architect, through to an artist, and they need a room built so that they have a place to work from.

Our customers tell us that at the end of their garden in Cardiff, might have been an old garage or wooden shed, we have then demolished this for the customer.

Then in it’s place, we have built a wooden garden building, which is used as a place to work in, and our customers often tell us, that they are now getting a lot more use out of their garden right throughout the year. We can also offer air-conditioning, and electric heaters, so the room can be used in winter and summer.


Number two


A home bar

We have found that a lot of our customers want a place where they can enjoy a cold glass of beer or a glass of wine after work. Often the garden room is sometimes used as a place to watch the rugby the football as well.


Number three

As a home gym

A very popular reason for having one of our garden rooms built, is because the homeowner wants to improve their fitness, and therefore wants to therefore have a home gym built.

Our customers often tell us, they haven’t got the time to travel to a gym after work, yet having one at the end of their garden now means that is much more convenient for them to use the home gym when they would like.


Reason four

As a yoga room


We find that a lot of our customers in Wales enjoy meditation and yoga, therefore another popular reason for why they ask us to build a garden building, is to use it as a dedicated space for exercising.


Reason five

Just as a place to read a book

A lot of our customers tell us, that they want a space where they can simply go and relax while reading a book.

Our customers often tell us, that they like the fact that they can hear the birds in their garden, yet overall the garden room, is a quiet place to go and read.


Reason six

A room for your hobby

Whether your hobby is to build Lego, to collect mountain bikes, or simply to paint an oil painting, another common reason why we asked to build a Cardiff garden room, is simply because the homeowner wants a place where they can go and relax.


Reason seven

As a guest bedroom

Often our customers tell us, that they want family and friends to stay over, yet there might not be much space within their house.


Yet, the property might have a large enough garden, so that our team of joiners, can start to build you a summerhouse, or a large garden building, so that can be used as a place for guests to stay over.


Quality Cardiff summerhouses

Whether you therefore want a summerhouse built as a place to enjoy a glass of wine during the summer, or you wish to use the garden room as a place to work every single day during the week, we can build you a high-quality garden room for you in Wales.


We build summerhouses in:



– The Vale of Glamorgan, Penarth, Cowbridge and Barry


We have already built many luxury summerhouses right throughout the city of Cardiff, and also across South Wales.


We offer free and totally no obligation quotes- so why not call our company today?





How much do your wooden summerhouses cost?


We build summerhouses right across South Wales, yet because every single summerhouse we build is bespoke, this means that the cost of our summerhouses can vary quite a bit.

This article is therefore going to discuss, some of the options which can increase the cost, also it will explain why so many homeowners in Wales hire us to construct their summerhouse, because here at Kingsley, we have a very strong reputation for building very high quality garden buildings, which are constructed by experienced joiners in Wales.


The base


If ground screws can be used, then this can sometimes lower the cost of our summerhouses.

That’s because ground screws are cheaper and quicker than laying a concrete slab, plus also when laying a concrete slab, the concrete will sometimes need to be brought in via wheel-barrows, and sometimes a lot of staff need to do this, as the concrete truck needs to offload quickly.

So, laying a concrete slab at the end of the garden, is normally the more expensive option, rather than opting for ground screws.




If the ground is level, ready for construction, then not much landscaping work is needed, which means the quote will be lower.

However, sometimes the end of a garden will need to be levelled, or  have soil removed, via a mini-digger, and dumper, which will increase the cost, as more plant and labour will be needed.


The size of the summerhouse

As you would expect, the size of the summerhouse will effect the price. Yet, here at Kingsley, because every summerhouse we build in Wales will be bespoke, we can make your summerhouse any size you like, so this is quite different to some summerhouse companies, where you might have say five different sizes to pick from.



We offer so many optional extras to choose from, for example, some customers add a toilet, shower and wash-hand basin, some add air conditioning, others want underfloor heating, when we build your summerhouse, there’s so many different options to choose from.



We can offer low-cost external cladding options, such as choosing metal sheet cladding, yet there’s much more expensive options, such as a range of hardwood options, such as oak, red cedar and beech.

Hardwoods, such as red cedar, is a very expensive type of wood to purchase, so this will increase the cost of the built. Yet, if you want a more cheaper option, we can offer pine, or metal sheeting.


The bi-folds

A large cost when building any summerhouse, will be the aluminium bi-folding doors, so, if the summerhouse is very large, and you want aluminium bi-folding doors to fit the entire front of your garden room, then this can mean that the doors are rather expensive, and can increase the cost of the build by sometimes quite a lot.


Air conditioned

A lot our customers want to use the summerhouse as a home office, therefore they need to be able to cool the summerhouse, when its rather warm outside, therefore, often our customers want a top-brand of air conditioning installed, this will increase the cost of the summerhouse.



We only build high-quality roofs, the vast majority of the roofs that we build, are rubber roofs, which are built by highly experienced roofers.

When your shopping around for quotes, it’s definitely worth asking the summerhouse company which roof they have included in the quote. You want a high-quality roof, thats installed to a high-standard, like a rubber roof, as some summerhouses can have substandard roofs,  which means as soon as heavy rain comes, the water can sometimes rot the timber boards that support the roof, meaning the summerhouse becomes damaged.

This is why we only employ highly experienced roofers, which build our rubber roofs, plus we make sure that when we build the roof, we use good quality timber.



A lot of our customers ask us to build a side canopy to one of the sides of the garden room, often this is used to provide a roof for a hot-tub to be placed beneath. Our electricians can also add LED lighting to the canopy.

Sometimes the canopy is also used as a place to add a coffee table and chairs, it therefore can provide some shelter, if you want to dine outdoors.



A lot of our customers ask us to build composite decking, sometimes the decking will have steps which lead up to the summerhouse. The decking can make a great outdoor area to sit and have a coffee, we can build decking out the front of your new summerhouse, or completely all the way around


Free quotes on summerhouses in Wales

Here at Kingsley, we have estimators that can visit your garden, and offer you a free quote anywhere in South Wales. So, if you want a garden office built, so you have a place to work during the week, or a summerhouse constructed, so that you can watch the football, with a beer on the weekends, why not call us?

Planning on working from home more often? Do you need a garden office built?



Its fair to say that there’s been massive disruption to people lives and businesses during covid, one of the biggest changes is where people now work.

Some businesses prior to covid may have had all of their staff at a large national office, yet now, have instructed staff to work from home more often.

For a lot of people therefore being stuck in traffic jams, and having to be at an office for 9 am weekdays, well, is now a thing of the past, as they’re now working from home much more often.

Yet, working from home has sometimes brought its own problems, for example, working from the kitchen table, or on the sofa, well, it’s less than ideal.

What’s often needed is a space that can be used for work, that’s quiet, and ideally can be closed at the end of working day. A lot of people therefore that have made the switch to working from home, have hired us to build a “garden office”.

In this article, we will explain why we have been hired by so many homeowners, that’s in the town of Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, and in Cardiff, as their chose garden room company, to build a high-quality garden office for them.


Well insulated

We think one of your top considerations when hiring a company to build a garden office is, which insulation are they going use?

We say that because quite often the owner will be working in the building during the summer and the winter. Garden rooms, unless they are well-built and correctly insulated, can be extremely cold, so therefore, whichever company you hire, we would recommend that time is spent discussing the insulation they are going to use, plus, the options they offer to allow you to also heat the room.


The base

Its really critical that you get a high-quality base built prior to the summerhouse being constructed, sometimes a summerhouse is built on a base that’s not suitable, the summerhouse can therefore sometimes move, becoming damaged, or just sometimes the ingress of water from the ground means the wooden base become rotten.

The base therefore needs to be correctly built, using concrete, and other building materials, or sometimes using “ground screws”- what should happen is, the company should come out and look at your garden, and recommend the best method, considering drainage, and also making sure the base is built to a high-standard.


The roof

This is another area which the homeowner must think about, that is, sometimes summerhouses are offered for really cheap prices, yet, if the build is not quality, well, it might be a poor-quality construction, which in time suffers from ingress of water and is unusable.

The roof if key to a high-quality build, we often use “rubber roofs”- yet these do need to be laid by an experienced roofer, as if not, its possible the wood underneath will rot.

We therefore mainly use rubber roofs, experienced roofers, and to support the roof our carpenters use quality wood.


Are you looking for a company which builds garden offices?

We have built many garden offices, if you would like a quote, why not call us?

How we make purchasing a garden room super simple


So, you’ve decided that now’s to time to create some extra living space, you may have already have extended your property?

So, possibly you’ve already had the loft converted, or had a single storey rear extension add to the back of your home, its just now, you want to extend further, as you need more space, so why not make the most of your garden?

Here at Kingsley, we are contacted right throughout the week from homeowners here in Wales, that have plans to create everything from a large home gym, to a cinema room, or to build a space, where the owner can work from during the day. A garden room, built by our highly experienced team offers the perfect solution, for those homeowners that need more space, and want to get more use out of their garden.

Here’s how we make the process of purchasing a garden room from us super simple

Finance available across our range of garden rooms


A lot of our customers opt for garden room finance, and we even have finance providers that we can recommend.

So, all you have to do, is pick the design you like, which options such as external wood you would like, which options, such as heaters, air-conditioning, which colour windows and doors, then once you’ve decided on the design that you like, we can put you in contact with a finance company that we work with.

Project managed

We understand that for the vast majority of our customers, they will be busy at work, when we are working on their garden room construction during the day. Therefore, what’s needed is a set of eyes, to ensure that the build is completed to a high-standard, that we are as clean and tidy as we can be when working in your garden and also, that we aim on every build, to minimise disruption for our customers.

Therefore, we assign a project manager to every job, to make sure whether it’s a roof we are laying, electrics being installed, or simply when we are adding the wooden cladding, that we do so to the very highest of standards. Our projects managers therefore work hard, to ensure that every aspect of your Cardiff garden room will be built to our high company standards.

We will also aim to keep your garden as clean and tidy as we possibly can during construction, this is why here at Kingsley, we have such a strong reputation for building quality, but also offering top levels of customer service as well.

Don’t know which design to opt for?

Let’s face it, no one purchases a garden room on a regular basis, so, a lot of customers wont know which design they want, or which options they might need in the future.

Our garden room designers, can recommend design options in order to help you to narrow down the design of summerhouse that you would like built. We can even create a set of 3D CAD drawings, so you can gain idea of what your Cardiff summerhouse will look like, before we even start to construct it.

Large workforce

Some garden room companies only have one or two installers, this can sometimes mean it takes a long time to build the garden room, but also, sometimes, during the busiest period, that’s during the summer months, it might mean your left waiting months before the garden room company can start the build.

Our company is different from some companies in that we do have a large workforce, we  therefore employ many builders, roofers and electricians. Plus, we also have painters and decorators, as well as plasterers and also groundworkers. This means, that we have separate tradesmen for each task.


We make purchasing a garden room in Wales super simple, that’s by having a large workforce, offering finance and also having summerhouse designers that can help you to choose which options you need.

Yet, even though we make the process super simple, and we can build our summerhouses quickly, this never comes at the cost of cutting corners on quality. Every garden room we build is built with quality in mind, that’s from the very beginning when we put the ground screws in or lay the concrete base, right through to when we add the UPVC facia boards at the end, every single part of the build is focused on quality.

We cover a truly vast area

Here at Kingsley, we build our garden buildings now all across Wales, so whether you live in the town of Cowbridge, that’s in the Vale of Glamorgan, or you live in Tenby Wales, we can offer you a very competitive quote.

Because we have a large workforce of tradesmen, this allows us to build our garden rooms in Wales quickly, we therefore are regularly asked to build our timber garden buildings in areas such as Newport, Cardiff and also in Swansea as well.

We therefore travel all over Wales building our luxury and bespoke garden rooms.

If you would like a free, and also totally no obligation quote, then why not call our team today?


Garden Rooms Penarth, The Vale of Glamorgan

Here at Kingsley Garden Rooms we specialise in building luxurious garden rooms all over Wales.

In recent years, we have been building more of our garden buildings in the great Victorian town of Penarth.


Most of the garden rooms we have already built in Penarth have come from recommendations, that’s because we simply build garden buildings to a very high standard. Our highly skilled joiners, electricians and roofers all work hard on every build, to ensure that when we build a wooden garden room that its built to a very high standard.

Therefore from Victorian houses that over look the Bristol Channel, through to new-build houses in Penarth, we have built many summerhouses In The Vale of Glamorgan already.

Here’s some of the popular uses for our garden rooms:

–        As a home gym

–        As a cinema room

–        As a place of work

Bespoke garden rooms

What makes us different from some other summerhouse companies is the fact that all of our buildings are bespoke.

This simply means that we have joiners that build our summerhouses to the design that you want built, rather than the buildings being constructed in a factory, and then the customer might be asked to choose from a selection of options, rather than the garden room being tailor made.

Always tailor made

Having a garden room in Penarth, that’s tailor made means that you can pick from so many options when you hire us, for example, some customers opt to have large composite decking outside. This means when the good weather does come, you will have an additional place to sit outside your summerhouse and enjoy the sunshine.

Some customers opt for air-conditioning, some have heaters, and we can also build different rooms for you.

For example, a popular design is to have say 75% of the space dedicated to being say an office space, yet then the remaining amount, to have a side room, for storage, so for example to have a room where mountain bikes can be stored.

Another popular design is to opt for high-quality aluminium bi-folding doors fitted to the garden room.

The reason so many people opt to have bi-folding doors on their summerhouse in Penarth is because there’s some great views in The Vale of Glamorgan, for example the home might look out over countryside, over the Bristol Channel, or for example over Cardiff Bay, as far as the eye can see, so often our customers want their garden room set in a position in their room has a good view.

On a number of the garden buildings that we have constructed, we have raised the room, and built composite or wooden steps up to the building. This is so that the homeowner has their garden room in a raised position, which sometimes positions the room, so that the owner has a better view, we would need to meet you in your garden, to see if this is suitable for your build in Penarth.

We don’t have rear lane access, just side-gate access

A lot of homes in Penarth sometimes don’t have rear lane access, often we can transport the building materials, such as the wood, the windows and the other items such as roofing materials and plasterboard via the side of the house.

When our estimator meets with you, we can see if we have enough access for us to carry the building items at the side of the house.

If a concrete base is required for your new summerhouse, then we would also need to consider whether we have enough road access to allow a concrete pour, or whether another option might be better, such as using what a ground screw.

How long will it take you to build a wooden summerhouse?

This will depend on the size of the building that’s being built, as well as access, for example, if we can drive near the building, in order to offload building materials then this can help to speed up how long it takes us to construct the building.

How do you ensure that you keep quality high?

Here at Kingsley, we employ many joiners which are highly experienced, this means that when we build a luxury wooden summerhouse, in Penarth, The Vale of Glamorgan, we are able to build the structure to a very high standard.

All of the woodwork, such as building the structural timbers, adding the composite cladding or hardwood cladding, of softwood cladding, will be completed to a high standard.

Because we have carpenters building our garden rooms in Wales, this means, that the floor joists, and other items will also be constructed to a high standard. We also only ever purchase quality building materials, so you can be totally rest assured, that everything from the structural timber, through to the flooring, and the cladding, will be high-quality.

Do you just build Penarth garden rooms?

We build garden rooms all across Wales, mostly our company works in areas such as Cardiff and Penarth, yet we do travel to build our summerhouses far and wide across the UK. We have a very strong reputation for building quality, which means that we build timber buildings for businesses and homeowners.

Which cladding options do you offer?



We have already built many garden rooms here in Wales, we are a business that’s focused on building very high-quality wooden summerhouses.

When we build your new summerhouse in Wales, you can pick from so many different options, from having sky-lights installed in the roof, through to different exterior LED lightening options.

Which cladding you choose will greatly change the appearance of your garden room, so for example, if you wanted a summerhouse which is contemporary looking, then you might opt for exterior cladding, which is made using composite cladding boards, and is grey or a light blue in colour?

Yet, sometimes, a customer won’t want a modern garden room, they will want a building clad with a natural wood, that’s a hardwood. We can offer you many different types of wood cladding, as this article will explain, there are a huge range of different options to choose from.

One of the most expensive parts, in terms of building a Cardiff garden room, is the cladding.

There are cheaper options, for example, sometimes the back of the garden room is rarely seen by the owners, that’s because the whole building is positioned so close to the garden fence, in this case, you might want to opt for metal sheet cladding at the back.

We are now going to explain some of your options, we will also talk-about some of the more popular options, and this will give you a much better understanding of the exterior cladding options we offer, if we were to build your new summerhouse here in the city of Cardiff.

Red Cedar (Hardwood Exterior Cladding)

By a country mile, the most popular exterior cladding that our customers choose is “red cedar” cladding. It’s a very popular option, sometimes, if you have a larger budget, we can clad the whole building using this.

Often however, to keep costs lower, the customer will tell us, to clad the front elevation using red cedar wood. Then at the sides, and the back, sometimes green colour metal sheet cladding is used, as this can help to reduce costs.

Pine wood

Pine is a softwood, its therefore often cheaper than many hardwoods, therefore if you’re looking for an inexpensive option, then you may want to opt for a pine wood cladding.

Composite Cladding

A lot of our customers are now increasingly opting for “composite cladding”- this type of cladding, for your summerhouse comes in a large range of different colour options.

The most popular colours are a light blue shade, or grey cladding, once added, this gives a very modern look to the garden room. We can also add outdoor LED lighting to the decking, and to the canopy, so at night, the whole building can be illuminated.

Many hardwood options


We can offer you a large range of natural wood cladding, for example, there’s a large range of timber cladding, such as oak or beech cladding, as well as softwoods, such as pine.

Sometimes, because hardwoods are expensive, the customer will just have the front clad with timber the rest will be metal sheeting.


Composite decking and cladding

We are often asked to extend the front of our garden rooms, by constructing decking, using composite decking. This decking can come in different colours, and the customer will often want the decking to match the cladding, therefore we can offer you different colours, and install the decking and the cladding so that they match.


We want a large garden room built, yet, what’s the most affordable cladding option that you offer?

Some of the timber summerhouses that we build are very large rooms, for example, we are often being asked on a regular basis to build rooms to be used as a home gym.

Sometimes, the homeowner will want to add a lot of gym equipment inside the garden room, and also have space for other items in their gym, such as room for many dumbbells.

This means that the room often needs to be very large, sometimes in the shape of an L, therefore if the room so to be clad with a hardwood, such as red cedar wood, well, this might sometimes substantially increase the cost of the construction, simply because this type of timber is very expensive.

Therefore, when we meet with you, we can talk about less expensive options, such as, where possible using metal cladding, or cheaper wood options.

We can therefore suggest different design options for you.

How much do garden rooms cost in Wales?


Some companies that build garden rooms in Wales do sometimes offer fixed costs, for example, they may offer a brochure, which shows the summerhouse, and the different sizes, then next to each size is the cost.

However, here at Kingsley, we instead offer quotes after we have listened to what the customer wants, and we have visited the garden. For example, building a garden room on a slope, is going to involve more construction work, than if the building is to be built on a concrete slab that might already exist due to a garage being demolished.

Therefore we will need to meet with you in your garden, to see the ground, and if its suitable to build on, or whether some landscaping work, such as removing old bushes, or levelling the ground is needed, prior to us constructing the building.

Then, because we offer so many different options, such as different cladding, different air-conditioning systems, different doors, different roofing, different decking, and also different internal flooring options, we will need to know which options you want, so that we can calculate an estimate for you.

Thinking of having a garden room built in Wales?

Here in Wales we do have beautiful scenery, whether its countryside as far as the eye can see, sea views, or you may look out onto woodland, often a homeowner here in Wales, will want a garden room built, to work in, or as a place to relax. We have built many summerhouses in Wales, and offer very competitive prices.

What if I am unsure as to which composite or timber cladding to opt for?

Our estimators can meet with you, and we can show you some of the many garden rooms and summerhouses that we have already constructed here in Wales.

You may then see a summerhouse that we have already built in Wales that you like the design of , we will be able to tell you which cladding that is, and then we can offer you a quote.

If your thinking of having a wooden summerhouse built in Wales, then why not call us?



Does your company build garden gyms?

Has your business built many garden gyms in Wales?

Here at Kingsley, we are seeing an increasing number of enquiries from customers, that want us to build a “garden gym”. Sometimes the homeowner will want just a space to put a few pieces of gym equipment such as treadmill, yet some buildings that we have constructed are very large, have a hot tub to the side and are sometimes are air conditioned.

A lot of our customers tell us that they no longer want to share gym equipment with other gym members, that’s to say they don’t want to go to a gym and use treadmills and the weightlifting equipment, such as dumbbells that have been used by somebody else that day.

Ever since Covid, we are therefore seeing a large increase in demand for our company to build garden gyms. Our team can work with you, to design a home gym, and we can then build the garden room anywhere in Wales.

A place to relax  

After a busy day at work, you might want a place where you can work out on your treadmill? Perhaps you would like to simply sit and relax in your hot tub? We are therefore building luxury summerhouses, which can a canopy to the side, then a hot-tub is placed underneath.

Some customers even have specialist outdoor speaker systems, so they can sit and relax in the hot tub out the garden and listen to their favourite music.

Many of our customers have therefore cancelled their gym memberships since Covid, and decided to build their own gym at home, which has the equipment that they want to use. You can therefore have the gym equipment you want, from free-weights, through to rowing machines.

There are many benefits to having your own gym equipment

Gyms can often be very large spaces full of the huge amount of different gym equipment, however sometimes some members of gyms only tend to use the same equipment on a regular basis.

For example, somebody might’s be used to finishing work, and then go running on the treadmill for a while followed by an hour say in a Jacuzzi. This might be some people’s routine, so when they do visit their gym, they might only use a few pieces of equipment, which means that they may have the space in their own garden to build their own gym.

You can work out in your garden room day or night  

What can often be off-putting from going to a gym, is having to sometimes commute through traffic to get there, this can sometimes be time consuming.

So arguably on a cold winter’s night, sometimes it’s simply easier just to put off that work out and to instead do something else. This is when you here some people say, “I have a gym membership, but I haven’t been in months”- so, the important question is, would you be more inclined to do more regular workouts, if the gym equipment was at home?

And if it’s a long drive to your current gym, think of the time you might save, not to mention the diesel or petrol you might use on your drive there?

You don’t have to share gym equipment no more

Since Covid, a lot of our customers have said that they simply don’t want to spend prolonged periods of time at their gym, and they don’t want to use shared equipment such as free weights. This has meant that they now want a garden room company, like Kingsley to build a home gym for them.

Fresh air

Some gyms can be enclosed spaces which may not have many windows, and sometimes have air conditioning or air that flows through a ventilation system. Yet, sometimes the person paying the membership can’t open the windows to allow fresh air to flow in as they would like.

However, by owning your own garden gym, you can regulate the temperature and the fresh air as much as you like. For example, you might want bi-folds, which can be opened fully say during the summer, you may want electric heaters to raise the temperate in the winter, you may also want large windows, to allow a breeze to flow in as you work out.


Often in a gym where there is a lot of people, may gym members will use their own music equipment and headphones.

However, when you own your own garden gym, you can do away with wearing headphones and have your own speaker system playing your favourite music.

A lot of our customers therefore like the fact that they can turn up the volume on their television and watch it while working out, or simply play their favourite music throughout the building rather than having to listen to it via headphones.



Another factor which means that a lot of people are purchasing our garden gyms is because we can offer to also install air-conditioning.


You can combine a room for gym equipment and space to do yoga

We find that yoga is very popular among our customers, therefore sometimes a gym area needs to be built and then a partition, this is so that a separate space can be used for yoga.


How our garden room business in Wales can help:


Do you need a garden room built in Wales?  

Whether you want to use the space as a gym, or as a yoga room or perhaps even as a place to work then we can help.

Our designers can work with you, so that we build your perfect garden room for you.



Will we be able to use our garden room during the winter?


We fully appreciate the fact that when most garden offices, as well as summerhouses are photographed, they are often pictured on a very bright summer’s day when the sun is beaming down and everything appears warm. This means, that this sometimes gives the impression that these buildings can only be used during the summer.

However, one of the most common uses for the buildings that we construct, is to use the space as a place of work, therefore we mostly build in Wales “garden offices” in homes right across South Wales.

This means one week we could be working on a garden building is the fantastic area of The Mumbles in Swansea, then the following week we could be in the heart of Cyncoed, Cardiff building a very large garden office.

We therefore know that people who purchase a Kingsley Garden Building, don’t just want to use it when the sun is out and the weather is nice, they want to working in their buildings right throughout the entire year. They therefore want a garden room that’s well insulated, built by experts, and has real high-quality aluminium windows and doors, correctly fitted, so the structure is better insulated.

For this to occur, the building needs to be well constructed, by highly skilled and talented carpenters, also quality installation needs to be used in the walls, and this needs to be accompanied by properly installed windows and doors, that’s exactly what we deliver.


We make sure that we supply and install quality windows and doors on every summerhouse / luxury garden room

The quality of the doors and also the aluminium windows can sometimes vary massively, some can be so cheaply and poorly built.

Therefore, what is needed is very high-quality bi-fold that is aluminium by windows and doors, that are very well made- that’s exactly what we can supply.

Will we still be able to work and use our garden office / room during the winter months?


Most certainly, when our estimator comes out to meet you in your garden, we can discuss with you all the various insulation options that we offer, there are many different options to pick from in terms of wall and ceiling insulation.

Each will have a different insulation property, however if you are planning on using the room throughout the entire year, you will need a high level of insulation, in the roofing and in the walls, to help you better regulate the temperature.  

We can therefore offer you many different insulation options


How well insulated are the walls?

We can offer you different options in terms of wall insulation, this is so you can better regulate the temperature within the building.


How do you ensure that you use quality windows and doors?

Some garden room companies focus overly on profit; therefore, they purchase their bi-folds sometimes and the cheapest supplier they can.

We take a totally different approach, we are constantly busy building our garden buildings and summerhouses right throughout Wales, that’s because we focus on quality and therefore have a very strong reputation for building well-made buildings, that are built using quality windows and doors, as well as roof lights if required.


Are you able to install a heater(s) for us?

Yes, you most certainly can, we can install a wall mounted heater for you.

We hear that it’s possible to have a heater that’s remote-controlled, are you able to offer this?

Sometimes an owner of a new wooden summerhouse will work from home, and they need the temperature to be warm enough inside the summerhouse to work in the building throughout the day.

You might wish to opt for a heater which can be controlled from your smartphone, you simply switch on their smartphone, and start to regulate the temperature in your garden office or room, so when they walk into the summerhouse, it’s nice and warm so you can instantly begin your work.

Therefore, you might wish to opt for an optional heater, which can be controlled from your smartphone.




What would your company describe as the main benefits of owning a garden building?


Often a homeowner will want a garden room built, but first they are evaluating how much use they will get out of the room. For example, it may cross the homeowners mind, well, will I just use the space a lot to start off with, but then the room become less used, or redundant?

However, from our experience, when a homeowner here in Cardiff has a garden building built by us, they have a room built for an exact purpose, like a home gym, a place to work from, or to act as a home bar, so what occurs is the place is often used by homeowners as regularly as clock-work, with the homeowner then thinking, that this is well used space.

Therefore, to help you visualise what you might use your garden room for, we have written this article, with help from the company’s management, just to state some of the common reasons for why we build our garden rooms, and also to provide some design ideas, for example, perhaps you want to workout more from home, but don’t have the space, but the main reason you need a garden building constructed is you really need more space to work, why compromise? Why have either or?

Why not have the best of both worlds, and have our designers over, to design a large garden room, complete with two rooms, one to be used as a home gym the other as a place to work from?  

First things first, we would say, properly evaluate the business to ensure you will be receiving a quality product

There are quite literally thousands of companies that now build garden rooms, some focus on being the cheapest, some only build their structures using the finest building materials.

What we believe offers the best value, is a company like Kingsley which uses good quality building materials, we always use experienced staff, plus we build high quality garden rooms for everyone of our customers. What our best advice to people thinking of purchasing a garden room is this, purchase quality.

This means make sure to ask the company can you visit a structure they have already built, normally if the company, say a business in Cardiff has a lot of satisfied customers, normally the previous customers would be more than happy to show the building, as it shows the quality of the workmanship and also shows that the business has satisfied customers. Here at Kingsley, we have many happy customers, they are based all over Cardiff too, from Cyncoed, through to Roath and Llanishen.

The views

Sometimes for some homeowners, the best views out over say countryside, the sea or even over an urban landscape can be seen best from the end of a garden, so why let all of those views go to waste?

Why not hire us to build a garden building, where we install large windows, so when you want to sit and relax, why not do so in your new garden building, which can be positioned in your garden, where you want, so you can enjoy the views that your home has to offer.

A quieter space to work

Whether you’re a freelance web developer, a employee of a company or someone who’s just starting out in business, what’s often needed is a quiet space, somewhere to answer work calls, and e-mails, a space that’s perfect for work, and this is what a Kingsley Garden Office can offer, we can build an insulated, large garden room, which can even come complete with air-conditioning, this means it’s the ideal space if you want to complete work.

More space without having to move out

A lot of people will not want to go through the hassle of moving house, yet, they may have already extended their home, so now they are looking at other options, which allows the family to create more space. One solution could be to invest in a garden room, as often there’s space in some gardens which are not used all that often.

For example, in Wales, a lot of homes have large gardens, so why not let us clear the old garage away, shed or even greenhouse, then we can then build a garden office or a garden room in its place. We have a large team, which means that often it doesn’t take us long to build your new garden room.

A place to unwind and relax without having to go out

A lot of residents in Cardiff want us to build a garden building so that it can be used a place to have a drink with friends. Often, we are asked to build a bar, add large televisions on the walls, and make an outdoor seating space, for example, where someone can sit on the decking outside the summerhouse.

A space to socialise

Often one of the most common reasons, why we are called is to build a large wooden summerhouse to be used as a place to socialise and relax. Therefore, all over Wales, from the Vale of Glamorgan, through to the mumbles in Swansea, often what is needed is a large building, a place where the homeowners can watch the rugby on the weekends, that has a large jacuzzi on the side, and also has spot lights all around it, so when the evening comes, it still becomes a place you want to go out, and enjoy a glass of wine.

A place to run a business from

Often many small business owners want to hand back the keys to rented office space, say that’s in the centre of Cardiff, and instead work from home, and have a large garden building built instead, as a place to work from, and have customers to visit as well. For example, the business owner may well be a wedding dress maker, web designer or even an architect, we can build a garden office built the way they want.

How we can help:

If you would like a luxury well-built garden room, built anywhere within Wales, from Swansea, through to Tenby and Cardiff, they why not call us? We can design the building, as well as construct it, for a no obligation quote, why not call us?

We need a garden room built this summer in Wales-can you help?

Summer is in full swing, yet after sitting out the garden enjoying the glorious weather we have been having lately, you’ve now decided that you want to enhance your garden, by having a Kingsley Garden Room built.

And after spending some time online looking for “garden room companies in Wales”- well, we might have just popped up, and when on our website, you may have spotted our expanding YouTube channel and noticed, that we do truly build garden rooms all over Wales, we can travel to the top of the Brecon Beacons, or our team will gladly supply you with a totally free, no-obligation written quotation in the capital of our fine country, that’s Cardiff.

We build large garden rooms, we also build garden buildings for smaller gardens, every single one of our buildings is made to order, this simply means that its tailor made, its therefore built and designed by us, and we then hand build the whole structure in your garden.

There are some companies that will deliver the garden room, in what’s commonly referred to as a flat pack form, where by a lorry lifts off the parts, then delivers instructions for the resident in Wales to build the structure themselves, although these buildings are somewhat cheaper on average, our company doesn’t build these structures, instead we are totally focused on the design and build of garden rooms that are made to order.

Therefore, homeowners all over Wales show us designs they like, whether that’s on our own well-built and designed website, from another company, where the homeowner might have been looking for Welsh garden rooms, liked a few of the designs, and these can be shown to our estimators, so our team can get back to you with a quote.

So, what’s so good about hiring us?

Well, the answers simple, if you want a summerhouse, or let’s say a garden building built, you have complete control over the whole design, once we know what you would like built, our team can build the structure, using our electricians, our roofers and carpenters, to build a really well-made, luxury structure, that’s made using really top-notch buildings materials.

Therefore, whether you’re walking around your garden now in say Llanishen Cardiff, or you own a property in Tenby or perhaps you own a house in Newport, and you’ve decided you want a luxury wooden building in your garden, then we are the company to call.

Garden rooms in Wales

Wales has so much countryside, and places of outstanding beauty, from the Bristol Channel and all the beaches and coastal walks.

This is not to mention the amount of homes set in rural settings here in Wales, so therefore, often many homeowners right across Wales now want a place to work, or a place to simply relax, that has large windows, and doors, so that the space becomes a relaxing space, plus you can take in the views of Wales.


Make it luxury

When a resident in Wales wants a really top-quality summerhouse, or indeed a luxury garden room built, well, there’s one name that springs to mind, that is Kingsley.

Now, you might well be thinking, well what makes our buildings luxury, and we will tell you.

What makes our buildings luxury is the very high levels of customer service, where we will meet with you, and make sure we understand the exact design that you want, plus, then its about the employees working for us, whether it’s the carpenters that cut and apply the hardwood cladding, it’s the electricians that wire multiple sockets, or it’s the roofing contractors that add the rubber roof, we simply employ a really hardworking and diligent team.

This means that we deliver Garden rooms in Wales, that are simply built to a really high-standard.

We also make sure we deliver quality on every contract, plus we build our garden rooms right throughout the entire year, so one week we could be Rogerstone Newport, the next week we could be in Cyncoed Cardiff, the following week we could be in The Mumbles in Swansea Wales, so our team of garden room installers do cover a massive area.

Designed the way you want, put your own stamp on it

Our customers don’t want a order online summerhouse that they have to put together themselves in the pouring rain. No, they want it designed and built the way they want, that’s why they hire Kingsley, our customers often know how they want their garden room built, from which colour the bi-folds should be, through to which cladding they want, right through to the exact shade of colour they want the walls painted with.

Many options

When you hire us to build your garden room Wales, we can offer the homeowner so many different choices, for example, this can range from different colour composite decking outside, to different cladding options, through to different colour aluminium doors.

Many homeowners therefore hire us simply because we can offer you a huge amount of choice, plus, because every aspect of the design is bespoke, you can tell us exactly how you want the building to be built, so for example, you might have a modern house in Swansea South Wales, its just been built, it has smooth rendered walls, aluminium windows, down lights, and you hire us to build a garden room that’s in the same style as the house, so we could offer you a modern design, for example a building which has

Why not call Kingsley today?

If you are thinking of having a garden rooms built, they why not call us?




Would you like a garden room built to watch the rugby or football in?

A lot of our customers want a garden building constructed so that the space becomes a place to watch the rugby or the football with friends.

A garden room built by Kingsley can make a great place to watch the Welsh Rugby team play for example, plus, a lot of customers ask us to build a wooden bar, so that you can even add draft beer pumps if you so wish? Therefore, our garden rooms, which we build here in Wales are often used as a place to relax with friends, and can help a lot of our customers to get more use out of a space in their garden that might not have been used otherwise?

Often the garden buildings that we build are large enough to place multiple sofas, and the customers often place large wall mounted televisions.

Often for a lot of the garden rooms in Wales which we build, the owner will want a structure big enough so that at one end a football game, or rugby match can be projected onto a wall, so that the homeowner can truly enjoy supporting their chosen team.

As Wales rugby team have such a vast following, a lot of homeowners ask us to build a large garden room at the end of a garden, and to have the whole construction focused on building a space to watch the rugby team. For example, air conditioning is often needed, so that the doors can be sealed in summer, yet cool enough for the occupants. Also, often a wooden bar is constructed, as well as insulated walls and a lot of plug-sockets built in, to power the televisions, projectors and the sound systems to help improve the experience of watching their chosen football or Welsh rugby team play here in Wales.  

This therefore makes it the perfect place to relax if you enjoy watching sporting events, whether you like watching rugby, football or perhaps you are a cricket follower, then we can build a bespoke garden building for you here in South Wales.

Can the garden rooms you build be insulated, heated and air-conditioned?

We can install air conditioning, if you choose this option, therefore, during the hot summer months, when the football is on, you can simply regulate the temperature within your garden building by having in air conditioning system fitted if you opt for this option.

Our carpenters can build a bar area for you

Often when we are asked to build a brand-new garden room, the homeowner will want to use it as a space to socialise within, they may therefore wart large televisions mounted on the wall, our carpenters can also build a really high-quality bar as well.

Our customers then once built sometimes place draft beer pumps on the bar, and also behind the bar you might want spirits hung on the wall? This is so it looks like an authentic bar. This can create a brilliant atmosphere if your having friends over to watch say the football.

Can also be used as a cinema room

Even when you’re not using the garden room to watch say the football the Welsh rugby on the weekends, the garden room could even be used as a cinema room? For example, a lot of our customers purchase real high-quality projectors, so that they can project a sporting event onto the wall. The garden building could also be used to watch your favourite films from as well, so the space becomes la cinema room as well as a place to watch sporting events.

Why not hire us to build your garden room?

There are truly thousands of companies now build summerhouses as well as garden buildings here in Wales.

There are therefore a vast number of companies which are based in Wales, and there are other companies which travel the whole of the United Kingdom building garden rooms.

However, we can offer you very competitive pricing, and a very high-quality product, we are also able to build the structure exactly the way you want.

Why not have a Jacuzzi fitted to the side?

If you’re going to use the garden room as a place to relax and watch the rugby, then you might also want to have a canopy built to the side, so that in the construction you can also have a hot-tub to the side.

Therefore on the weekends you can watch your favourite rugby match for example watching the Welsh rugby team, and then after the game you can relax in your own Jacuzzi? Therefore a lot of homeowners within The Vale of Glamorgan and within the city are asking us to build garden buildings which can incorporate to the side a Jacuzzi.

Garden Rooms in Wales

We have our very own design team, which means that we are able to spend time with you explaining all the different various options that we are able to offer you, therefore if you live in Wales and want a garden building built then why not give our a ring?

Why not call us for a quote?

We offer no obligation quotes, so whether you want a summerhouse built in The Vale of Glamorgan, for use as a home bar, a summerhouse as a place to go and relax, or you want a garden building so that you can watch the rugby on the weekends, we can build your perfect garden building so why not give our business a ring?





What are the main uses of the garden rooms that you build here in Wales?

Traditionally a lot of people think that a garden room is simply used as a place to relax during the summer months, however with that said, as this article will illustrate, our garden rooms built in South Wales, are often used for a wide variety of different uses.
From uses as a beauty salon, to running an online business, right through to being used as a cinema room. So, whether you’re an entrepreneur, and you need a place to run your business from, or you simply want a place to watch the football on the weekend of your friends, we can build a luxury garden room for you.

Within this article we are going to look at the common uses of why our customers in Cardiff, and right across Wales ask us to build a summerhouse for them.
We will also explain some of the features that we can offer, to help the garden building be used for that purpose.

For example, if you want to create a space to have a home gym we can offer air conditioning, if you want to use the space to watch the football, we can offer to fit an increased number of sockets to fit multiple T. V’s, if you wish to use the space as a home office we can fit a wall, so you have an area to make teas and coffees throughout the whole day.

From Swansea to Cardiff and over to Newport Garden rooms are becoming very popular, yet, with that said, the home owner doesn’t just want any company offering a quote, they want quality, this is why Kingsley is called, because through recommendations, through our solid reputation, we are expanding, and we can build any type of summerhouse, log cabin and garden room within the great country of Wales.

Home Bar

A very common purpose for why we build our garden rooms, is so that the homeowner has a place to watch the football or the rugby, and also to use the space as a home bar when they have friends over.

So for example, we can build large garden rooms all over Wales, from Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan, to Cardiff.

We can make these spaces air-conditioned, we can add build a wooden bar, we can offer to install a heater, insulate the walls, we can also put multiple plug sockets around the room, so you can fit a large TV and speakers- we think this makes a great space, to watch the Welsh rugby team play, or for example, you may well be a Cardiff City Football supporter? So why not hire us to build you a garden room, so you can relax and watch the football from your brand-new garden building?

Therefore the garden rooms that we build within Cardiff and the surrounding areas, are often used as a place to have friends over to watch a sporting event whether it be Welsh rugby, Cardiff City or perhaps Cardiff Devils ice hockey team?

This often means that the homeowner specifies that they want a really large garden room built, with the ability to put large high-definition televisions on the wall, they also ask our carpenters to build a bar area, complete with an area to hang various spirits on the wall.

Once furnished, we often see the customers put comfortable seating into the room, they often enhance the sound of the television with extra speakers, so that they can further enjoy the sporting event.

As a home office

A lot of people now working from their homes, yet sometimes they don’t want to work within the house, they want to work within a well built, quality garden office that’s built by Kingsley.

They often therefore need opt for our builders to build an insulated, air-conditioned and also heated garden office and that’s exactly what we can build if you opt for that design. This means, you can have a well built space, that if you want to, you can work from all year around in South Wales.

All over Wales, from the Brecon Beacons areas, right down to Cardiff city centre, homeowners want high-quality garden office built, they want it to have an electric connection, so that they can use the place to run a business from or just to complete work for their employer.

Simply as a place to relax

We are frequently being asked to build large timber garden rooms, in areas such as Cardiff, Wales as well as the city of Newport, such as in Rogerstone, also within other areas such as The Vale of Glamorgan which incorporate a Jacuzzi area, to the side of the garden room.

We quite simply build luxury garden rooms within Wales

The whole build is therefore focused on making a space where the homeowners can go to relax after work, you might opt for a large Jacuzzi / hot tub to the side, the main building might be used as a cinema room to watch your favourite films from, you might have large comfortable sofas, a large wine chiller which might hold say 50 bottles of wine, you might have a bar area set up, complete with draft beer, you might even have a massage chair fitted there, so becomes a place to go and relax after a busy day at work.

Home Gym and Yoga Area

More and more people are investing in owning their own gym equipment, whether that be a treadmill or another piece of equipment, often the homeowner will want a place to go and complete their work out from their home.

A lot of homeowners like the fact that when they own their own garden room, which is used as a gym, they haven’t got to wait the gym equipment to become available at a gym no more, and also sometimes it acts as a space with a personal trainer can train individual in terms of improving their fitness.

Therefore, a very common reason why we are being asked to build garden rooms within Wales, is simply because the homeowner wants a place where they can improve their fitness. Perhaps the person runs a business, and hasn’t got the time to travel to a local gym, so they want their own space at home, where they can work out there.
Alternatively, you may even be a personal trainer, and you want to start training your clients at home, in your own gym.

The space can also be air-conditioned, for your comfort during the summer if you wish to opt for that option, you might also incorporate into the design a really large set of bi-folding doors, which can simply be folded back to let the summer breeze in, that’s while you are working out.

You might also want mounted on the walls large televisions, which some people like when you are using the space a home gym, for example you might want a music channel on while you are running on the treadmill?
We therefore build garden rooms, of many different sizes throughout Cardiff, and the surrounding areas, like Newport.

Split use

A very common use for a garden room that we construct, is to use the room for multiple different uses, for example during the day, the homeowner might work from the garden room, and have a large desk, bookshelves and also an area to make teas and coffees, as well as a meeting table if their clients come over to meet them.

On the other half of the garden room, there might be a plasterboard partition, when you open the wooden door, to the other area which can be used as a home gym, therefore the space can be used for multiple different purposes not just one.

If you wish to have a garden room built by Kingsley, we can help you to get a dual use from it, for example, to create one half of the room as a home office, another half as a relaxation space, to watch the football?


Our highly skilled team, and this includes roofing contractors, electricians and also very skilled carpenters, travel right across Wales building very high-quality garden rooms.

If you are therefore looking for a local garden room contractor, which can offer you a quote to build a really well-built garden room in the country of Wales, why not give our business a ring today?


Why choose our business to build your new garden office here in Wales?


Right across South Wales, more and more people are wanting a wooden building built in their garden, whether that’s to enjoy the fine British summers, alternatively you might need a power supply, wi-fi access so you can work from your garden office.

What many homeowners instantly spot, whether the home is in Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, or near the Brecon Beacons, what homeowners find is this, that is, that the quality of garden rooms, well, they can vary so massively, that’s obviously depending on which company you choose.

There’s also a massive difference in cost, for example, there are many companies that sell exclusively online, they ship the summerhouse to you, then the homeowner assembles themselves, however, on the other end of the spectrum, in terms of overall cost, are the businesses which offer a massive range of options, build a bespoke garden office, and offer all manner of wood options, cladding, windows, sky-lights, decking and different options for the roof, and the list of various options, well can sometimes be vast.

Now, you might be thinking, well where does Kingsley sit in terms of quality, well, we are very much focused on delivering a quality product, that’s built by an expert team, and where the building materials, for example, the wood that’s used to clad the building, well, where that’s of a very good quality.

Kingsley therefore builds very well-made, bespoke garden rooms, which include using some of the finest woods we can source, using electricians to ensure there’s power, adding a really high-quality roof, we as you can see, are all about quality.

And our team travels far and wide, from The Vale of Glamorgan areas, so for example building luxury summerhouses in areas such as Cowbridge, right through to all of Cardiff, across Newport and beyond, so we also cover a large area.

The rise of home working

Now, what is the single most reason we get a call to build a luxury garden room here in Wales, well, often its from a small business owner, or from somebody that is now making the switch to working from home more, they don’t want to work within the house, they want a luxury garden building, which has its own power source, which compliments the garden, which has wi-fi and which is built to a very high standard, so for example, the walls, have a suitable insulation, the roof is high-quality, the finishing touches are done to a high-standard, for example, the room is painted to a good high standard, a good quality flooring is used, good quality lighting is used, we therefore offer so many different options.

Don’t over look the quality of the wood

So let’s say your looking for a local business, that’s to say you want to hire a garden room company in Wales, but you want really high quality wood used, you want the wood to look brilliant in your garden, so on a summers day, you look down  the garden and your impressed by the design, or at night, when the spot-lights, that’s the led lights are switched on, you transform your garden, so that the garden room becomes a place to watch a film, or simply sit back in a summers evening and enjoy a bottle of chilled wine.


Everything we do is centred around quality, that’s offering quality customer service, offering quality building materials, using quality carpenters, this then all comes together, into a garden room, that at the end, our customers are very happy with.

Experienced team of garden office builders

Why do so many people in Wales hire us to build their garden office, well, its simply due to the fact that our carpenters are day in day out building very high quality, bespoke garden rooms, they are not therefore building flat-pack garden rooms, made already in say a factory, then broken into pieces for delivery and reassembled in your garden, no, we only build very high quality, bespoke garden rooms.

This means that unlike some companies, we don’t make our summerhouses in a factory, then put them into parts for delivery, so that they can be reassembled. Instead, our garden rooms are designed the way you want, so they are bespoke, this means that we can offer you so many different options, from composite cladding, through to say adding spot lights into the decking.

A lot of people like working in their garden

The main reason we are asked to build garden offices Wales, is simply because a lot of our customers simply say, they like working from their garden. They like working in the garden, as its so close to the house, plus, if you need a break, well, you simply have the whole garden to pop-out, enjoy the summer weather, then go back to work within the summerhouse.

Also, many customers here in Wales opt for bi-folding doors, so when the weathers nice, you may wish to fold-back the bi-folding doors, let the summer breeze in, and therefore this is why we think that a garden office, that’s built by us, can make such a great place to work.

Designed the way you want

Often a customer will call us, they will know exactly how they want the garden room to look, often this is because they have seen the style they want, say on Instagram, or they have read say an interior design magazine, they have read an article, where garden rooms where featured, then often they show us, and we will then have a really good idea of the cladding they want, the window and doors, also if they want decking, the sort of roof they want, so this can really help our estimators, here in Wales, to gain a good idea of the style garden office that you want.

We also offer free, no-obligation quotes, on garden rooms, across Wales, so whether your home is in say, Penarth, and you want a Penarth summerhouse built, or your home is in Cowbridge, or let’s say your home is a Victorian house in Llandaff Cardiff, in Wales, we can build garden offices, and also luxury summerhouses anywhere in Wales.


There are many companies building garden offices in Wales, so in summary, why choose you?


Everything we do is centred around quality, so whether you want a large triangular garden office, or you would like a garden room, that has steps leading up to it, with decking all around, we build quality, and we build the garden office, the way you like.


We employ carpenters which build quality log cabins, summerhouses, as well as garden rooms.

Wales Garden Office and Garden rooms

We build our garden buildings all over South Wales, if you would therefore like a quality garden building built, here in Wales, from Swansea over to Cardiff, they why not call our team today for a quote?



What’s the difference between a normal garden office and one that is “luxury”?

Garden Offices Wales

Picture, this it’s spring time, you’ve got to start work, and you’ve paid to have a garden room built, yet the one you’ve purchased, well its below par. It has a leaky roof in some places, the bi-folding door needs a weight-lifter to close, there’s a draft that comes from below the windows, and all this in a space that you wanted to work in, and send your morning e-mails!

So now you can see what we are getting at, there’s garden offices, then there’s garden offices, there’s the “well, it was cheap, as long as they can build it quickly” type of wooden building, and there’s the Kingsley garden offices, which are on a completely different level.

Now you might be thinking, well how, what makes your wooden buildings “luxury” surely a wooden building is just that, a timber building? Well, no, its not the quality can vary so massively you be shocked.

To a garden room you want to spend time in, to one so low quality you may contemplate knocking it down after a short-period!

So, this is why Kingsley is simply so popular, so well-known throughout Wales for building absolute quality.

We simply never ever compromise on quality, it’s the hall-mark of what we do.

Don’t compromise

Nearly all building materials can be substituted for something cheaper, and that’s the exact approach some summerhouse companies take, that is how cheaply can I build it, how low can I offer the summerhouse for, will this undercut a rival’s price, and we believe this is not the approach to take, that’s not to build summerhouses or garden rooms as cheaply as you can, as after all it’s a space you should want to spend time in, a space you enjoy working, a space that you have helped to design.

When the drip, drip, drip sound comes from the roof, after a short amount of time, you will have wished you picked another company, a company like Kingsley, that offers luxury garden rooms within Wales.

Quality always comes first at Kingsley

So, how does Kingsley make sure that our standards are kept high?

Well, we design every single garden room around you, that’s to say when we meet you in your garden, that’s here in Cardiff, or anywhere in Wales, we listen to how you want your wooden building built, for example dimensions, which roof, where you want the outside lights placed, whether you want a large wooden deck to the front, which flooring you want, for example, then we build the whole luxury garden office or room around you.

We then purchase only very high-quality building materials, for example, we handpick the timber from a timber yard, we only appoint roofing contractors, not on price, but on the basis, we know the quality of workmanship will be high, we also only order bi-folding doors on the basis, the quality is perfect.

Designed the way you want

This means when a homeowner here in Wales wants a luxury garden office, they come to us, that’s because we offer quality.

Built all over Wales

You can be rest assured that when you hire Kingsley, you will be hiring a really experienced team of project managers, estimators, carpenters and other tradesmen such as roofing contractors and electricians, that’s because we have built garden rooms all over Wales, that’s in Newport and in Cardiff.

When you hire Kingsley, we can completely project manage the whole build, we make it completely stress-free for our customers. As soon as we meet with you in your garden, we can discuss options, often then we need to go away and make a few calculations, as building material costs, such as timber do fluctuate, we then can come back to you with an estimate.

Then if accepted, we can book you in as soon as possible, we begin by laying what is called a concrete slab on most builds, sometimes we can build off an old concrete base, we do need to evaluate each job individually as to what is required, once we have a foundation, our carpenters can start working building your brand-new luxury garden office for you here in Wales.

Quality roof covering


We never compromise when it comes the quality of the roof, some companies, when they are building summerhouses here in Wales, sometimes opt for the cheapest type of roof, however, we know that its absolutely key to purchase a quality roof, one that’s either a fibreglass roof, or a rubber roof, but for this to be installed by our highly skilled roofers.


Some summerhouses do not have wall insulation, however we believe this is essential, so when you hire Kingsley, we will use insulation in the walls of your garden office.


When you hire us to build your luxury garden office, we can offer you many different types of wooden cladding, for example, would you like pine, red cedar, metal cladding, thermo wood or perhaps beech wood? We can offer you so many different options.

Windows and doors

When a homeowner appoints us to build their new garden room, or garden office, often they want bi-folding doors, however, as someone who’s thinking of purchasing a garden office, you should know that the quality of bi-folding doors do vary massively, so do pick a business which only provides quality bi-folds.

Some look the part, but are far from it

When comparing various summerhouses, or let’s say garden rooms, its important to compare on quality, as some can be built rather cheaply. However, we focus on quality, so you can be rest assured that when you hire us we build quality.

You might spend most of your day working within your garden office, so don’t hire the wrong company

If you’re planning on working from home, let’s say you run your own company, or let’s say you’re working for a company, yet they have allowed flexible working, so for half of the week, you now work from home, you are going to want to work in a quality wooden building, that’s made by experienced carpenters, so if you want a quality garden room in Wales, well, why not call Kingsley?

Really good carpeners

Workmanship is so important, whether you want a large garden office, or let’s say a truly large L-shaped summerhouse, we are the company in Wales to call, we have really highly skilled carpenters, so why not call us, if you want a luxury garden office or room built.

Would you like a no-obligation quote for a garden office here in South Wales?

If so why not call us on:


What makes the summerhouses that you build in Cardiff “luxury”?

Summer is nearly here, yet with that said, lockdown is still with us, this has meant that more and more of us wants to invest in our gardens. This stands to reason, as we will be travelling less to say beautiful parts of Wales, such as the Brecon Beacons, because of lockdown restrictions which mean we have to stay locally.

This means that more and more Cardiff residents are wanting to spend an increased amount of time in our gardens, so you want to invest in a summerhouse to enhance the garden. Perhaps you have plans to create a cinema room, a home gym or perhaps you want to build a summerhouse to use as a home bar?

Whatever you want to use your Cardiff summerhouse for, we can help. We have built many luxury summerhouses throughout Cardiff, this includes in Llanishen, Roath and also in Cyncoed.

We can’t think of a better way than to enhance any garden, than investing in a Kingsley summerhouse, below we are going to explain what makes our garden rooms and summerhouses “luxury”.

We will also answer some of the frequently asked questions that we often get asked when providing quotes.
Yet, before we dive straight into answering the frequently asked questions, we would like to say that’s we can offer free quotes within the Cardiff area, we also work in the surrounding regions as well.

This means if you would like a timber building constructed, and to be built to an incredibly high standard then why not give Kingsley and his team a call today?

Okay, so all summerhouses are the same shortly? They’re all made from timber, right?

Now this is a mistake that many homeowners make, thinking that they just need a summerhouse to be built to certain dimensions, and some may overlook how well-built the actual summerhouse is, in terms of the quality of the building materials that are use.

Now here’s the thing while looking to buy a flat pack summerhouse online, there are likely to be hundreds of online websites which sell wooden buildings like this, however what we were to say is this the quality can range massively.

Where one company might offer an incredibly well-built and sturdy summerhouse, using quality timber such as red cedar wood and perhaps with really good-quality insulation panels and a good roof covering, other companies do not offer anything like this, they may offer substandard summerhouses, built cheaply to be offered on a form of special offer.

Therefore it’s easy to purchase substandard summerhouses, for example ones which have inferior pinewood. Now there’s nothing wrong with pine, yet sometimes the wrong type of timber is used.

For example, some companies might supply a summerhouse which simply slots together, yet with that said it, what can sometimes happen is that sometimes a company will supply a wooden summerhouse, yet is made from a pinewood which is not treated for use in our wet damp climates.

Now when you can imagine how wet and cold our winters can be, you can see that if the wood used in the construction is not a certain grade and quality, it’s entirely possible for wood rot, or wood worm to set in very quickly.

So, whether you purchase a brand-new impressive summerhouse built by Kingsley, or by another company, we would ask you to make sure that you are purchasing a summerhouse that is well-built and uses quality timber throughout.

We have a rough sketch, of how you would like a summerhouse to be built, can you offer a quote from this?

Sometimes a customer would like a rough ballpark quote for us to build a summerhouse in Cardiff, Wales that’s the say, they do not want somebody out in a garden to offer an estimate just yet, they would like just to gain a rough idea of how much garden room will cost, in terms of a rough idea of prices.

Sometimes, not always, we can offer a quote via e-mail, by just looking at summerhouse designs that you like.
For example, some customers scan a picture of a summerhouse they’ve seen in the interior design magazine, others source a photo of a wooden summerhouse they like, and then ask is for a quote.

If we are able to gain from the picture a really good understanding of the construction, for example how the windows and doors are to be built, the roof covering used, and also the dimensions, plus also the different cladding, then sometimes we can offer a quote via email.
We need a Cardiff summerhouse built in a short amount of time, are you able to build such a timber building quickly?

We have an experienced team, our team also covers the whole Cardiff and the surrounding areas, we build really impressive summerhouses.
Yet, every single one of our timber buildings is built to order, it’s totally bespoke in that regard, as such it’s difficult to give you an accurate timescale as to how long it will take us to build, however if you e-mail or call us, we will endeavour to give you a timescale for how long it will take us to build your new summerhouse for you.

So, what makes you summerhouses such high quality?

We go to great lengths to ensure we deliver quality and every single time we are appointed to build a garden room in Wales, to do this we carefully source our timber, and we only use building materials that we know will always be of a high standard, for example we only use a certain manufacturers, which make our aluminium bi-folding doors, so that we can offer a consistent level of quality to every customer.
Do you just build summerhouses within Cardiff?

We have a team that travels all over South Wales as well as South West, so we do cover a wide geographic area, we offer free quotes within those areas.

Are summerhouses used as a term to also describe garden rooms?

Yes, some customers do get confused as to what is the difference between a garden office, garden room, a log cabin and a summerhouse- however often these are terms that are used interchangeably, and are therefore used to describe a timber building that’s built in your garden.
I have a design in my mind that I would like the summerhouse to be built, are you able to build this?

Yes, if you are able to tell us exactly how you would like your wooden building to be constructed, for example some homeowners have a really good knowledge of building materials, so they know which wooden cladding they want, which type of roof they would like, how they want it to be built in terms of colour of the bi-folding doors, then we are able to offer to build a summerhouse exactly as the specification that’s described to us.

Why does the quality of even bespoke summerhouses range massively?

Now a lot of customers do incorrectly think just because it is a “bespoke build”, that any company will offer quality, however even if the timber building is not flat-pack, it instead made to order in your garden, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be obtain quality from all companies.

That’s to say, even though the building is built to be bespoke to your own requirements, to ensure that the company is building the wooden summerhouse to a high standard, and that you are obtaining high-quality building materials, such as a rubber roof, which should be correctly installed by a roofing contractor, you need to pick a reputable business, like Kingsley.

Will it take long to build my new summerhouse?

This does depend on the complexity of the summerhouse, now you might say, “well surely all summerhouses are roughly the same dimensions” but they are not, some are truly large, for example some are “L-shaped Summerhouses” and some are so large that they are sometimes used as guest bedrooms, because they have separate rooms, some even have ensuite toilets and showers, so you do need to provide an accurate description of what the customer would like, and then we can provide a rough timescales.

We live in a terraced property within Cardiff, will this make it difficult or impossible to have a summerhouse built at the end of our garden?
We have built summerhouses at the back of terraced housing, as long as the customer is happy for us to use the house as a method of taking building materials through, if there is no other option that is, then it is entirely possible for us to build a summerhouse within a terraced house’s garden, we would need to visit your property, to see if we can get the building materials into the correct location in your garden.
We would like some different design features, for example, we would like a skylight fitted, and also like composite decking, is this possible?
Some customers will want different design features, for example somebody who is working from home, let’s say architect, may want natural light to flood from the roof and via the bi-folding doors, so we can install rooflights as well, if this is what customer wants.
We can also offer you many different design options, for example on your Cardiff summerhouse, you might want LED lighting outside?

You might want composite decking, or hardwood flooring inside the summerhouse, you and walls painted a certain colour?

So simply put, we can build exactly what you want, as per your specification

So, you build luxury summerhouses, can you build anything else?

Some customers do ask is to also replace the wooden fencing, and to also replace the decking, sometimes the customer does not want a brand-new garden room built, and then have say an old fence or old decking near the garden room, the whole garden can be refreshed, and that’s something that we can offer as a company here in Cardiff.

How do I arrange a quote?
We offer free estimates throughout Cardiff and all of the surrounding areas, for example, we also travel to Newport in South Wales.

Therefore if you want quality summerhouse or a quality garden room then do give our company a ring today.


Do you build garden offices and garden rooms in Wales?


Are you currently looking for a company within Wales, that can build garden offices and garden rooms?

Well, why not call us here at Kingsley?

We build in Wales:

·        Garden rooms

·        Garden offices

·        Summerhouses

We have a team of expert builders, we will listen to the design you want for your new garden room, and we can build this in a short amount of time anywhere within Wales.

Here are some common uses for the wooden buildings that we build:

·        Garden offices

·        Garden rooms

·        Yoga rooms

·        To own a home gym

·        Create more space

·        A place to relax

Therefore you are looking on Google for “Garden offices Wales”- then why not call us? We have built many garden offices in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, in Cardiff as well as right across Wales.

Our company is known for building luxury wooden buildings, therefore is you are looking for a “luxury garden room” then why not call us?

Are you currently working from home?

A lot of people here here in South Wales, and also right across the rest of Wales are now working increasingly from home.

Therefore due to covid, more people are therefore looking to have a large garden office built, to make space to work from home, this is where our team of carpenters, and designers can help you.

We build high-quality “garden offices”

Perhaps you want a place to meet your clients, for example you might be a mortgage adviser for example, who works from home, or you may simply be a homeowner that wants to create extra space within their garden, so why not work within a garden office? We can offer a massive range of options, such as differing flooring options, different windows and doors, different roofs, differing lighting options- so why not get our team to build your garden office in Wales?

Do you want a luxury garden room built within Wales?

Instead you might have plans on building a lagre garden room, and putting massive projector within the garden room to turn it into a cinema room for example? Or you may want a large bar built, so you can use the space to socialise, or maybe you just want sofas, and book shelf, and create a space to relax after a long day at work, a luxury garden room can make a perfect space to relax with a cup of coffee and your favourite book.

Therefore, garden offices as well as quality Kingsley garden rooms are becoming more and more popular here in South Wales.

Yet, more people than ever don’t just want a garden office, built, they want to use a contractor that builds quality, that to say uses high-quality building materials, and that’s why so many homeowners ask Kingsley to build the wooden building.

We can therefore offer you so many options when building your garden office, including:

·        Many different flooring options

·        Luxury Velux sky-light? You can watch the stars while in your garden office?

·        Differing cladding options

·        Different roofs

·        Differing lightening options

·        Differing decking options

·        Different sized garden rooms Wales

·        Different sized garden offices

·        Different cladding on the back of your garden room

·        French doors?

·        Aluminium bi-folding doors?

·        Electric power points?


Our business therefore builds timber structures right across the South West, England and South Wales.

How will you use your garden room?

Homeowners are increasingly using their garden rooms for different reasons, for example it could be a cinema room or it could even be used as a home office where, perhaps even where multiple staff will work from, that’s because it is a large garden office?

We therefore will listen to how you want the garden office built, we make the design, we will then use our team of carpenters, and builders, to build the garden office.

Plus, we can also manage the whole process, that’s from start to completion, from laying the concrete slab, through to installing the rubber roof, to laying the wooden flooring in your new garden office in Wales.

Therefore, our carpenters are used to building wide range of different garden rooms here in South Wales.

Garden rooms South Wales

You may have a friend or a family member already has a garden room in Wales built by us, we therefore you will know that we build high-quality bespoke garden rooms.

We build luxurious timber buildings, some companies offer low prices, however we instead build luxurious quality garden rooms within Wales.

Here are some of the main reasons why many homeowners have hired Kingsley

·        Built by a team of expert carpenters

·        We will only ever use quality timber

·        All of the other fixtures and fittings such as windows and doors will be made by quality manufacturers

·        We travel anywhere within Wales to build a garden office for a luxury garden room

·        We can offer you many different wood options, example different cladding options

Garden offices Wales

Do you want to work from home? But you haven’t got the space within your property?

More people, right across South Wales, are hiring us and our carpenters, to build ultra high-quality garden offices.

We specialise in building “luxurious garden rooms” as well as garden offices, our design team can listen to the design that you want built, and we can then bring that design to life.

Are you now working from home in Wales?

If you are therefore working from home, or are running a business from your property, and you would like a quality timber building built to work from, then we are the company to ring.

Our established businesses is able to build any size timber building, we specialise in luxurious garden rooms and also bespoke garden offices.

Do you offer a wide range of different garden rooms and also garden offices?

Some companies only offer you a few different options to select from, for example when you on their website looking at garden offices, it might offer a few options, these may range in size, or sometimes they range in terms of the specification.

For example, there is often a less expensive option, and a more luxurious option, however our business is completely different, that’s because every single one of our timber buildings is built by our carpenters by hand and totally from scratch.

This means that our bespoke garden rooms are made to order

We need a garden office Wales built, is you’re a business able to build such timber structures?

We have built many garden offices Wales, for example many homeowners right across Wales have asked us to build a garden office.

We build garden offices behind rows of terraced housing, we also build very large garden offices in properties that only acres, and wish to run a business from their timber building.

Our design team will listen exactly how you want your timber building built, for example which roof you want, what windows and doors you want, how large you would like it built, the different cladding options you want, also you want for example you may want a bar area, you want the area to have multiple rooms, or perhaps you multiple power points, in order to fit a large television for example, we build our garden rooms to order, so we can design your luxury Wales garden room, the way you want.

Why do so many people hire Kingsley, as the contractor to build a luxury garden room?

Right across the city of Cardiff, which is the capital of Wales, we have built many quality garden rooms, we concentrate on building luxurious timber buildings, which is made using the highest quality wood, as well as offering you many other design options.

We have quite an exact design in our minds of what we want, of how you would like it built I was able to build a structure that we describe?


Our design team can listen to how you would like your wooden building to be built, and then we can start work on building this in a short amount of time.

We need a new garden office in Wales, built fairly quickly, are you able to do this?

We employ a large team of carpenters, for an exact estimate as to how long it will take us to build one of our wooden buildings why not give us a ring?

What are the more common types of design that homeowners opt for?

By far the most common design that a lot of homeowners opt for is for a quality rubber roof, to have bi-folding doors fitted and to have the outside fitted with red cedar hardwood, we can build such a garden office for you.

You can rest assured that you will be receiving a high-quality build

You can rest assured that every single aspect of the build can be managed by us.

Once you have specified which design you want us to build, our team can get to work on building such a wooden building for you to a very high standard.

We can completely manage the whole process for you.

We can therefore completely manage the process for you.

We build many timber buildings, including summerhouses and garden rooms right across Wales

Are you currently looking to have a wooden garden room in Wales built?

Are you looking to have a garden office in Wales built, or perhaps a summerhouse in Wales?

We can build such timber buildings for you

Expert carpenters

We employ expert carpenters

How we can help you:

For a no obligation quote, why not give us a ring?


How do you ensure that you build high-quality garden rooms and also garden offices?


There are now so many companies which offer to build wooden summerhouses and also log cabins here in Wales.

However, with that said, the quality of what various garden room company’s will offer can vary massively.

This means that some companies may offer relatively low-cost “build it yourself” type wooden buildings.

On the other end of the spectrum are you really high-quality garden rooms, built using expensive building materials, like using red cedar cladding, high-quality roof coverings and also using top-quality bi-folding doors and here at Kingsley Garden Rooms, that’s what we build, and that is quality.

What types of garden rooms do you build in Cardiff?

We build the following types of wooden buildings:

·        Log cabins

·        We can build garden offices

·        Wooden buildings that are used as home gyms

·        A wooden building that you can run a small business from

·        Luxury garden rooms

·        Summerhouses

So, what makes your garden rooms and garden offices high-quality?

We only ever use quality wood and we also employ skilled carpenters that will build high-quality timber buildings.

For example, we never build “flat pack”- so every timber joist, piece of wood cladding, wooden floor covering and also wooden windows will be made by our carpenters.

We also have a project manager that will oversee all of the work, so regardless if we are building a small wooden summerhouse, or a very large garden room, you will have a project manager who will be assigned to make sure that we build quality.

What makes your garden rooms different from what some other companies can offer?

We differentiate our business from some other companies, that’s because we focus on offering quality and luxury garden rooms.

However, some companies do not offer quality, some companies instead focus therefore the entire business model on offering the lowest prices for low-quality premade garden rooms.

Now, some premade garden rooms are made in a factory and can sometimes be very good quality, and therefore are worth investing in.

However, what sometimes happens is there are some premade garden rooms that are made very cheaply, sometimes using pine timber which is substandard, and often the tar roof covering can be cheap and low quality, which may allow water to ingress into the wooden roof, causing the roof to decay and even collapse after a short amount of time!

Therefore when some of these factory premade summerhouses are made by some companies, they can look initially good and quite impressive when built in your garden. However, for example if the felt roofing is poorly applied, that’s to say if it is carelessly applied to a a chipboard roof covering, and this then can allow the ingress of water into the chipboard, then this will obviously make the chipboard rot after a short period of time.

Also another tell-tale sign of a really cheap low-quality summerhouse, is that the outside cladding and the structural timber is made from wood that is not suitable for our wet British climate outside, it therefore may get damp and start to incur “wood rot” after a short period of time which will make the building structurally unsafe.

So therefore whichever garden room or garden office company that you hire you must make sure you invest in quality

We only use quality building material

Plus, we only ever use high-quality building materials, so whether it’s the roof covering, the bi-folding doors, the hardwood cladding, you can be rest assured that we will only ever use quality.

So, when you’re on Google, looking for “luxury garden rooms”– you can be rest assured, that when you hire Kingsley, that we only build luxury garden offices and garden rooms, these are built bespoke to your requirements, they are not therefore already made in a factory.

We therefore combine skilled carpenters, quality building materials, and we therefore build quality garden rooms in Cardiff.

Plus, every single garden room, or garden office will be built totally from scratch, so you can tell our estimator exactly how you want your garden room built, in terms of what wooden cladding options, what wooden decking you want, what type of roof you want, what windows and doors you want, whether you want internal rooms or you want one large open space and if you want sky-lights?

We can therefore offer you many different options when you want a garden room built in Cardiff, for example we can offer you so many different options ranging from where you want L.E.D lights fitted outside, right through to whether you want composite or you want wooden decking to surround your new garden room?

Bespoke garden rooms Cardiff

Every single one of our garden rooms that we build here in Cardiff, is bespoke, its not made in a factory and quickly assembled, instead its built by carpenters, in your garden.

You can therefore arrange to some companies attend your garden, and they may offer you many different options, of various wooden garden rooms, that may have different names, which represent different levels of garden room, that’s to say you the homeowner may well be presented with options, maybe say of five different garden rooms, that vary in price, and vary in size and also the fixtures and fittings, such as what wooden cladding they have, whether they have outdoor lights, which roof covering they have.

However, here at Kingsley, we don’t make our summerhouses or garden rooms in a factory, instead everyone is made to order, and made using carpenters.

If you are therefore in Cardiff and are looking for a garden room company that can build quality, that can build a bespoke wooden building to exactly the design you want, then you need our company.

We only ever use high-quality timber

We will only ever use high-quality timber, for example some companies offer very low prices on building a summerhouse, but sometimes the wood is not suitable for use within a garden.

Our company is completely different, we will only ever use high-quality timber when we build your summerhouse.

We only build high-quality summerhouses

We will only ever build high-quality summerhouses.

All of our summerhouses are built from scratch

Our carpenters will build your garden room completely from scratch, that’s to say they can build a wooden summerhouse to the exact size that you would like.

Our business covers the whole of Cardiff and also whole of The Vale of Glamorgan.

We build our garden rooms throughout the town Penarth, and also in Cardiff.

Our business also covers the whole of the Vale of Glamorgan.

Therefore, we can build high-quality garden rooms, and summerhouses anywhere throughout Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan and also Cardiff.

For a quote why not give our business a call today?