Home Gym

Why bother driving all that way to the gym? That’s because you could work out from the comfort of your home

Relaxation Space

Imagine coming home from a busy day at work and then being able to go directly to your own personal gym?


We can customise your timber building so that it is built to your requirements

Why invest in a home gym?

For a lot of us it has become somewhat of a routine to finish work and then go to the gym. However the thought of having to drive to the gym and then also having to wait to use equipment after other gym members- well that can sometimes deter us from going as often as we would like!

What if however you had your own gym in your garden?

That’s the say you could step into your own personal gym whenever you like!

Why choose us to build your gym?

We have built many wooden buildings throughout South Wales and also the Vale of Glamorgan. More and more homeowners are building outside spaces to relax within whilst also creating a home gym.

We can advise on which options you may wish to go for, such as bi-folding doors so that you can open your gym up so that you can benefit from a summer breeze while working out.

  • Expert carpenters

    We employ expert carpenters.

  • Built quickly

    We can build your new gym in a short amount of time

  • High-quality

    We use high-quality materials when we build our timber structures

  • Range of different wood options

    We can offer you many different wood options

Your own personal gym

If you have always wanted to have your own personal gym, then why not make this a reality?

Often gyms can become extremely busy places at peak times, such as after work.

So why not avoid all that and invest in your own personal gym?