luxurious Summerhouses

Here at Kingsley Garden Rooms we build high quality summerhouses

Outdoor Living Space

We can create outdoor living space so you can relax within your summerhouse or even work from your garden room

Home Office

We can create an outdoor office that will overlook onto your garden.


Kingsley Garden Rooms has been chosen by many homeowners across Cardiff and also the Vale of Glamorgan. We are chosen because of the quality of our workmanship, which we believe is second to none.

We build high end outdoor living spaces, which are constructed using the best quality materials.

We also only employ highly experienced carpenters.

What we can offer

Quality Timber
Experienced Carpenters
Outdoor living

Core Services

  • Summerhouses

    We can offer a range of different luxury summerhouses.

  • Garden Rooms

    We can build outdoor living space created out of quality timber.

  • Home Office

    We can build an office space within your garden, that will make a great place to relax and complete work

  • Hardwood

    We can create summerhouses and outdoor garden rooms constructed using quality hardwood, such as red cedar wood.

  • Experienced Carpenters

    We employ highly experienced carpenters that can build your summerhouse or outdoor garden room.

Whether you are planning on building a large wooden building within your garden, or a small place you can work from- we can help.

Our expert carpenters can listen to your exact requirements, and then build a luxurious summerhouse or a wooden building within your garden.

Our expert carpenters can build summerhouses or outbuildings in a short amount of time. We always use the highest quality timber, for example we can offer red cedar.

We will discuss with you how you would like your summerhouse or outbuilding to look, for example you may require aluminium bi-folding doors or perhaps a conventional wooden door?

Also we offer you a range of different roof coverings. We can also build your summerhouse or outbuilding to the exact size that you require.

Many of our customers have remarked that they are now getting much better use out of their garden, while also providing us with positive feedback regarding the quality of our workmanship that goes into  every building that we make.