The Vale of Glamorgan

Kingsley builds wooden summerhouses, log cabins and also garden rooms and garden offices right throughout The Vale of Glamorgan.


We build quality garden offices, as well as high-quality garden rooms in the town Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan.


We also build high-quality garden rooms in Cowbridge and also across the rest of The Vale of Glamorgan.

Penarth and Cowbridge

Penarth and Cowbridge are both towns which are situated in The Vale of Glamorgan. Within both of these towns, we build high-quality garden offices and also garden rooms.

Every single one of our garden rooms is built totally from scratch, this means that we work closely with the homeowners to design their perfect garden room or garden office, we then bring high quality building materials, such as quality wood, and also our carpenters to your garden to start work on building your brand-new wooden building.

We only use top-quality building materials, plus we can offer you many different options which you can select.

For example, a popular option is to opt for a high-quality rubber roof, to also opt for quality b–folding aluminium doors, and then to surround the whole garden room with a quality hardwood, for example you might opt for a quality hardwood such as red cedar wood?

Garden rooms The Vale of Glamorgan

We are an established business which can build any sized garden room. For example, you might want a garden office constructed which is a relatively small, or you may want a very large garden room which can be used to invite guests and perhaps you wish to use the space as a place to relax with a good book or even have your own home bar?

  • Top-quality building materials

    Whether it is the high-quality timber or the rest of the building materials that we use, we use quality

  • Quality wood

    We use top quality timber when constructing our garden rooms and garden offices

  • Penarth

    We build our garden offices and garden rooms in town of Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan

  • Cowbridge

    We can build wooden buildings throughout Cowbridge which is in The Vale of Glamorgan

Penarth garden rooms

Penarth is a town within The Vale of Glamorgan, it has many Victorian properties which sometimes have very long gardens.

Sometimes within these long gardens, the homeowner will want an orangery or sometimes they will want  our business to build a high quality garden room.

Therefore, a lot of people would like to have a garden office or a garden room built so that they can maximise the use out of their garden

Perhaps it’s create a space to go and relax and enjoy a bottle of wine, or perhaps into space to work from and to run a small business from?

Whatever you want to use your garden room or garden office for, you can talk to our estimator, and specify exactly how you would like your garden room built and will get a quote back to you in a short period of time.

Therefore, if you are looking for a company in Penarth, in The Vale of Glamorgan which is able to build summerhouses or perhaps garden rooms or even a log cabin we are the business to call.

Garden rooms Cowbridge

We are able to build wooden buildings throughout Cowbridge.

Cowbridge is home to many large detached properties, sometimes a homeowner within Cowbridge will want us to build a wooden building, so that they can run a small business from the wooden building.

For example, perhaps it might be even used to sell wedding dresses from or perhaps the owner is a used-car dealer and also sells classic cars, therefore needs a timber building constructed in order to be used as a home office.

Whatever you would like to use the timber building for, we can build a garden room for you within Cowbridge.

Garden rooms in The Vale of Glamorgan

If you are looking for a business which is able to build any type of wooden building, that includes your more traditional log cabins, perhaps a large summerhouse or even you want a very large garden room built, then why not talk to Kingsley today?

We can project manage the construction of your garden room in The Vale of Glamorgan.